In Battlefield 2042, weather brings destruction and opportunity

June 10, 2021, 2:29 am
In Battlefield 2042, weather brings destruction and opportunity
In Battlefield 2042, weather brings destruction and opportunity Learn how quick thinking (and a wingsuit) can turn the tide of battle in your favour in EAs upcoming multiplayer shooter sequel:

You mean dices game. The people who actually worked on it.

Ultra Fast SSD SPEED Adaptive trigger Haptic feedback 3D Audio Ray Tracing 4k 60FPS/120FPS Gaming EA meeting: -So what`s the competition doing? -oh.. COD? they have a Free to play multiplayer game called warzone and it has 100 million players -Ahh so we should make a multiplayer only game -yes and make it 70$ while warzone is free, people like expensive stuff -you`re promoted

I hope the rumour of 64v64 bot lobbies is true. Thats all i ever wanted in a BF game. I wanna avoid sweating and just dick around with friends

With Battlefield 2042 and rumors of Modern Warfare 2 coming. Gamers eating good

People: XbOx BeTtEr Me who wants to see the news about battlefield 2042: bruh

70 dollars for 7 maps and 3 multiplayer modes? Nah.

Cant believe people actually look forward to a BF campaign when their specialty is multiplayer Waiting for the xbots to come and complain about their games being better

No Single Player Campaign....

Cant wait to attach a bipod to my wingsuit

Is their no campaign?

Bananas are better

Great ANOTHER battle royale game.

Excuse me this is the American PS account why is favor spelled favour.

Wish we could get a bunch of us and play together and play as a team that would be smokin`

And the Xbox fanboys have already arrived in the replies

Game is dead without campaign. At time you need to relax by your self and not let hackers and fake players stress your day out. That game without campaign not seeing my wallet.

New songdo map!! Love Korean rep heh

outofstockstation 5 not top 1000 consoles of all time

Competing with Warzone and Apex Legends now.

Halo will DESTROY this.

upgrade to xbox asap

xbox has better exclusives...

How sad Only possible on ps5

Mfs have notis on just to say Xbox better. LMFAO

Multiplayer shooter sequel. $70 for no campaign Rainsnow/high winds/storms

game of the year already and hasnt even been released

Make better games.

Hey , missed out on a PS5 we will gladly assist them in purchasing a console ! Give us a Private message ! COD is still better

Miles better than Call of Duty and TrashBox

No campaign wat a disappointment

Xbox will have better support for Battlefield

Drop this game with the PS6!!!

Better than everything on Xbox

Xbox has better exclusives

Xbox better then gaystation

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