In order to ensure that studies of our children

July 17, 2021, 6:15 pm
In order to ensure that studies of our children
In order to ensure that studies of our children are not disrupted due to COVID19, we have decided to distribute smartphones to 8 lakh students of Classes IX and X in Govt schools. This will ensure that they have access to online education. AssamBudget2021

Thanks sir this step is very good for students as well as their parents who cannot afford to buy smartphones for their children.KEEP IT UP SIR WELL DONE WE EXPECT MORE FROM YOU IN FUTURE.

Sir not only govt school their such students in private school are there which in this padcim situation parents are can`t provide the school fees and how parents can be provide android to son and daughter I think it must be given in both govt and private students

Sir Mobile Network is more problematic for us My Daughter Mritika Goswami a Student of Ankur Shankar Dev Sishu Nikeketan and our family is resident of Kamal Nagar Hill Side of Rupnagar, East Guwahati, Guwahati-32 always feel problem to do her online classes due to mobile network.

Sir, this would be a great step provided such phones are predesigned to not be able to use some applications and sites. And one more request to you sir , kindly help fix the network in most areas , so that this scheme is a real success.

Sir.glad to see your helpful efforts for our students. Best wishes sir..

Sir I would like to bring your kind attention. Today at Ghy club bank officials are fined Rs 2000 due to coming late from offices under presence of Megistrate. This was around 8.30 PM. In bank due to lots of reason officials are delayed. Request you kindly check it.

I feel proud for taking such a decision by our Hon`ble CM Sarmah Sir.....Jay Hind

Sir, for last 2 years my 7 year old daughter is unable to do swimming as prescribed by Doctor as she is asmatic. Also she has been suffering from depression we are able to protect her from Covid but not its side effects.. please open up childrens sports activities

Great initiative taken by BJP led Assam Government under the leadership of Hon`ble CM Dr ji on current pandemic situations...

Conduct_Assam_Police_2018_AB_UB_Exam it`s been more than 3yrs that this recruitment has not been conducted yet!

Great going mama! Nation needs you

Sir which day give mobile in Adarsha vidyalaya,lowairpoa

Wow. Great initiative

Sir pls take steps for providing good network connectivity all over Assam.There are still sme areas where the network connectivity is poor.

Dada, thanks a lot for thinking about those students who were struggling to bridge the digital divide. More strength to you

Good decision .... But ensure that only provide them low ram mobile phones, otherwise they will start playing game like Free fire & BGMI

How can I will receive it

Release_APDCL_Result_In_July Declare the OCFA Result. Don`t play with the sentiments of the aspirants

Sir please declare the results of apdcl office field cum assistant......we are more than 2.50 lakhs candidates are waiting for the results from last 27 months.

Publish the results of apdcl office field cum assistant........

Sir, in my humble opinion, it would be helpful if you provide tablets that would cater the needs of such students wherein everything related to their curricula is preinstalled such as ebooks, note-making apps, fun learning games and online class platforms.

I wish this smartphone can only be used for online classes.. no other option like gaming n all... Disadvantages of smartphone at smaller age are many and we are all aware of it.. hope Sir will develop some idea to tackle this uninvited problem among students

While preparing RFP few things may be kept in mind- 1. Minimum 4GB RAM 2. Extended warranty period for at least 3 years. 3. Accidental damage insurance for screen ,display which Rs 400 but can saves thousands.

Sir, Using smartphone is not good for eyes, better will be using the television networks in online education which is now used for useless news all the day. There are competition in opening newer TV channels and I hope they will contribute to deliver better education.

Please give internet also


Sir how study in that time In online class how Not all students have a mobile I can`t request sir give mobile class 9 and 10 plzz

Plzzz try to open the schools n colleges soon

Smartphone with a teenager has serious demerits than benefits of online classes.Scheme will entail outflow of Rs 500 Cr atleast. Better vaccinate students&teachers with fraction of amnt.Students won`t lose much in 4-6months.Extra classes&good post covid lesson plans recommended.

No budget for karimganj medical college.... Don`t expect this from you Sir. I used to be your strongest supporter...

Very good and timely decision Sir

Release the results of apdcl office field cum assistant..... Within the month of July

Publish the results of apdcl office field cum assistant........

Sir please declare the results of apdcl office field cum assistant......we are more than 2.50 lakhs candidates are waiting for the results from last 27 months.

We appeal before the Honourable CM to extend this scheme to cover the needy under graduate students of the state. ,

The announcemt of yr govt to provide SmartphonesTo 8 lac students of class 9&10 is most salutary,butThe poorest,most pitiable records ofThis dispensatn inThe history since 1947 on employmt belie yr boast of monumental proportns. All these students will be left jobless by yr govt.

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