In the year of the House`s centennial, Gucci and

November 13, 2021, 2:33 pm
In the year of the House`s centennial, Gucci and
In the year of the Houses centennial, Gucci and come together to celebrate their respective anniversaries by creating 100 numbered Xbox Series X sets. The bundle appears in images by featuring and GucciXbox

how does one get his hands on this.... for the ladies?

its so pretty! How does one get one and whats the price tag

This is ridiculous. Its nothing impressive. Nothing really stands out.

Can I have one for free please? There are no Gucci stores in Canada. Or else you know I`d be there.


Sorry, but that thing is fugly! Anyone who buys this is a moron and has more money than sense!!

Thats pretty cool

I want one so bad!

10k? im good

Absolute classic

Uncle I want one don`t be bad Let it be my early Christmas gift hahaha A big hug and blessings from Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas Hey man Tell gucci i want one

What? Who needs this? Omg stop this

Over priced tack like this exists yet 1 year on from release it is still almost impossible to walk into a store and pick up one of these consoles! how about focus on catering for the consumer and not over paid idiots with nothing better to spend their hard earned cash

Im gonna subvert your ubiquity with revolutionary activity btw

So the hottest tech item for a year now, has been the PS5 and you guys do an Xbox?!

jesus gucci christ. do i wanna cash out my crypto for this bad boy? UGH.


Sorry not a fan of these overpriced products just because it has your name on it! I think maybe Xbox needs to get more consoles out to gamers rather wasting parts on this or giving them away to influencers

Black controllers with two stripes bruh

I want now

I could NEVER afford something so beautiful broke Affordable price point

Done this will be a great addition to my collection.

This is the most gaudy thing Xbox has done ever. Mfs in here saying "I`m copping that" with what money mf, you broke.

I`m not gonna front. That`s actually nice How much will it cost

May I have one please

Xmas is coming, just a hint

Okay but how do I get one?

So fire

Where can I find your giveaway post?

Hey, I love Xbox, but I`m pretty sure this`ll be a few months rent soooo Ima pass. No offense but, seems like a waste of money.


This is amazing. Fashion gaming

How do I get one of these?

doesn`t exist. Try again. ;P

PLEASE HAVE A WAY TO STOP RESELLERS FROM PURCHASING MORE THAN 1!!!! 100 should go to 100 different people

The controllers are pretty but the rest of the package is ugly af.

I got $20 on me now, any way I could work out a payment plan?

How exciting!!

Aight. How? When? Where?

How much for one of these bad boys

Im still trying to get Xbox Series X!! Smh one day

Okay okay okay, how can I put this in a payment plan. I need it. I`ll pay $SHIB 3,000,000 to get one.

I don`t care about the bag I just want the Xbox lol nothing screams unnecessary like this

Lets see the scalpers get this and how much der gonna sell it

I never knew I needed something so much in my life until now.

Well I guess I don`t need a house....

Meanwhile PS5 over like a used butt plug but why

please get this and do an unboxing

. Gucci Xbox, 24kGold PlayStation 5th. When I was dead broke, man, I couldn`t picture this

Oh i thought this was fake it looks horrible

I almost never ask for free stuff... but I would make an exception now give me one

Looks so disgusting

i dont see a gucci playstation, xbox better

Did this break the xbox twitter acc

Ey maybe get regular series x`s to a majority first, then worry bout yo Gucci bullshi

So thats my story on how I went Into debt... You?

I swear to god


Sure you don`t want to put big pink lips on the box?

How can i get one

Xbox doing all this instead of making actual games

I need this in my life

Oh y`all messed up now

I want it Not to play but to spend all my money on and then brag that I have a Gucci Xbox my whole life

Do we need any more evidence of human stupidity than this?

So if regular Xbox Series X are getting scalped for $1K does that mean these things will be on ebay for $20-$25K?

Not a big brandie but this is sick


If it`s real, it`s a good idea.

Not even a elite controller for 10k.


Can`t imagine thinking a fuckin box is worth 10 grand

there ya go bud

For why tho

Needssssss omg

this was made for you

I never knew I needed something so badly

The only reason Id buy it is to flip it for 10X the value

Where do you buy or where can I submit a application to win this for free Lmaoo

Wow it`s unnecessary and ugly, a double whammy! I`ll take 5


Youre done , youre done

Im available for sponsorship

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