Indulge in Quake`s fast, smooth gameplay with 4K and

August 20, 2021, 10:10 pm
Indulge in Quake`s fast, smooth gameplay with 4K and
Indulge in Quakes fast, smooth gameplay with 4K and 120Hz support when playing on PS5. Details on the upcoming next-gen enhancements:

Xbox better anyway

On top of paying for the game will you charge 10 extra dollars for a 4k resolution pack?

Does buying the PS4 version get us the PS5 version? When is the PS5 version due?

The start of the trend of western games being tech demos instead of games.

Still no ps5 in Canada. You seriously need to speed up manufacturing.

glad it supports gyro aiming. More fps games should support gyro aiming on PS4/5

Enjoy your last Bethesda game and Sackboy, ponies.

Is 120hz available on local co-op?

I would assume devs make money from having their game on Gamepass, I wonder if its ever more then they make off PlayStation/PC users? And before I get flamed, this is a genuine question. Since I hear Gamepass is good for gaming as a whole.

I only want the next gow game and nothing more

Lower PS5 PRICE!!!

Retro games have a special place in the industry and I wish PlayStation would match the approach taken by xbox. PS excels in so many ways but this is a glaring omission

That is fire, dont get me wrong. But we need an event

Pc much better, pc master race


For now I`ll just play it for free on my xbox one x or my sons xbox series s via XboxGamePass but so great to see a legend back

please release some games for your system so that all these trolls have something to occupy their time with! Thanks

Why is console wars still happening

I don`t care because this confirms that i WILL have relations with your mom tomorrow night.

Wonder if the rest of the Quake games might get remastered as well

If Xbox is so better please go play it

What is this game ??

not a real console

Better performance than Xbox

Only on PlayStation since we are the superior console

Xbox NOT Better. Happy gaming y`all...

Quake it`s free with Gamepass Give us 1440p support

Xbox has better performance

PlayStation better

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