Insane stuff

January 28, 2021, 8:11 am
Insane stuff
Insane stuff. As soon as PS5s get delivered in India, players will have access to Destruction AllStars and Control: Ultimate Edition.

Yo can we make a seperate gaming group so we can play these games together

Ahh hope to get one delivered before March

your account was blocked?

Any idea if we can share the PS Plus subscription with friends who have a PS5/PS4 like we do with OTT subscriptions?

Get me an ps5 first

Yes that means I will get these games along with the 20 free games from (PS5 Ps Plus launch offer) right?

Do we need a ps5 to acquire those 2 ps5 games?

As soon as human poop, they feel relieved.

Will I have the game for only Feburary or forever?

One of the best PS Plus lineup for a month .

I`m glad I didn`t jump the gun and buy it when It was on sale, until 20th Jan.

And it`s the ultimate edition. You get the foundation DLC + ray traced graphics.

Welcome back. Hope you`re doing good.

Next week this time around i will be playing on my new PlayStation 5

I just bought control during the January sale . Thanx Sony you da bes!

I talked to a local sony centre and they said that another wave of pre orders will start on feb 2nd. Is this true?

Great then I`ll try it on 2nd itself once I pick up my ps5

It was 650 something (this was the offifcial unit), it failed twice, had no intention to buy from there anyways. It`s probably out of stock now. There were other listings with more than 1000 cad though.

Ok wait..why was your account showewd it`s `deleted`?

Now I`m not even sure if should get Miles Morales to play at launch.

I just bought it a week ago But haven`t installed it or downloaded it Am I still eligible for refund?

And dude it has Concrete Genie as well! Heard good things about that game too. This is a great month for PS Plus. Love Sony for this

Control ultimate edition aswell

That too the Ultimate Edition, which will get a Next-Gen Version for Free! :3

Is it mandatory? Actually this is my first console and I know nothing about these things.

Don`t forget Astro`s Playroom(even though everyone gets it). 2 decidedly amazing, and 1 promising games on Day 1 for us. Awesome.

Bro don`t disappear like this. You are the hope for updating the ps5 stock.

Do I need to subscribe PSplus for this?

Sony hitting sixes on the PS plus line up since the last two months. Ab bas PS5 Feb 2nd ko aajaye from Amazon

Any idea if ps5 will be added to ps plus?

good to see you back brother

For anyone wanting to refer already bought control standard edition last year, played a bit on my base ps4 but the performance was very bad. I will play the ultimate edition on PS5 once I secure one

Good to have you back

What about those 20 games that were announced during the PS5 launch? Will the Indian users have access to those too?

Another 1.5k saved eventually. PS plus And don`t forget Concrete Genie. Heard the game plot is amazing.

Savage reply from sony to Microsoft. Gamepass added control standard edition this month, and now sony adds Control Ultimate edition to PS Plus

Will ps 4 owner would be able to avail it and download when he owns ps 5

Control ue for free???!

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