Insert airplane sound fx here @MSFSofficial https://t

August 1, 2021, 1:30 am
Insert airplane sound fx here @MSFSofficial https://t
Insert airplane sound fx here

Ace combat better

Hey guys I am a PlayStation fanboy and I have came to this Xbox tweet to tell everyone that Ps is better than Xbox Can I please get a new Xbox my old one just stopped working on me after 4 years I believe maybe 5 when will we be able to fly one of these? I promise Ill not invade, Im a friendly. Can you please add a 4k UI for Xbox Series X

BanjoforSwitch Thanks again for Ruining Rare guys, Really appreciate it.

Me: *shows a MSFS video to my grandma* Grandma: when did you go to to Japan? Me: *never went to*

Come and watch flight simulator amazing jet gameplay in real time on xbox series x. Fly me to Marvel Studios so we can get answers on nwhtrailer

I just want sea of thieves on the ps5

This? Fix ur game

I see that under the bridge flight. Somebody has been playing way too much GTA 5

Ahh the beautiful shards of San Francisco. A permanent fixture in MS flight simulator on SX. Hotfix? Better than most of gaystation games

Let`s Go Yeah I do.... Do you? *Insert Ace Combat music here*

But what do jet noise


I`ll insert this I have acrophobia so this is the only way I can board a plane XD

Ill insert spoilers instead Beep beep Im a plane, I said beep beep Im a plane!

I cant believe Escharum dies in halo....

no way xbox xbox was my first console ever so xbox replying to my comment is like everything epic rn

Stall,stall,stall,stall,stall,I warned you.

NOE from GTA san andreas be like.

Playstation better sadly

Got a PS4 running in the background for the perfect jet engine sound Imagine how sad your life must be to have notifications on just to tell people that their opinion is incorrect (this is in the first minute, more pics down below cuz i couldnt figure out how to pasts multiple images in) Now there`s spittle all over my phone. Thanks a lot.

driving and landing are so hard tbh

plain go brrrrrr right xbox?

I thought for a few seconds that it was a North Korean plane

Love Flight Sim on my PC! Plug my laptop into my GAEMS Vanguard to play it on a bigger screen!

PS $70 usd games aren`t better

Umm. That bridge.

How do I flip my plane over after I crash and its upside down??

I love this game currently flying from LAX to Charles De airport

List of series X games:
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