Instagram on any Android phone I have ever used

November 24, 2021, 2:30 pm
Instagram on any Android phone I have ever used
Instagram on any Android phone I have ever used is still laggy, buggy, and just..... poorly optimised.

Android phone hardwares are great, but the apps aren`t optimized.

Dude i have no problems with it what is going onnnn????

maybe its time to buy ur first $100+ android phone

It`s not optimized at all. Too many versions of Android to be so.

It`s literally 16:9 for me It`s so poorly optimized

yes, sometimes the explore text goes all the way up covering the status bar..

Wait till you use Twitter and Reddit on Android lmao

It works perfectly on my Pixel 6 Pro. No issues so far

The Instagram on my Android phone has been down for over a week`s just a blank screen without any feed. Weird.

My wife`s S10+ and my Mate 20 Pro have zero lag, no bugs & optimization seems on point... the difference between Apple and Android phones is more about the ecosystem, I hate the way the iOS ecosystem controls one and monetizes basically everything. I want to choose how, what etc.

Never faced that with instagram but can agree if you are talking about Twitter

Instagram is okay, snapchat is very bad.

tbh I`d say this was true 2 years ago but they`ve finally added page animations and transitions. Before everything changed statically as if it was a web app.

And most importantly, the quality when using Insta to record stories or take pics on Android is uh...messy

Hey bro, I`m planning to buy S21U this black friday, expected to drop to $900 or $850. Should I wait for S22U? Even tho $1200 is a bit too expensive for me. So will S22U really be that much better to justify paying $300 more than S21U? Please let me know as black friday very soon

Agreed, dont even start with Snapchat!

Never used ig on an iPhone so I will just stay shut

Same goes for twitter

What phones you used? I got 0 fkin problems on S10 and S21. No lags or bugs.

I will try it Same with Twitter for me

And you cant even use ultrawide camera

Never tried the Pixel 6 yet, so I don`t know about that one

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