Introduce yourself to other developers!

July 12, 2021, 2:47 pm
Introduce yourself to other developers!
Introduce yourself to other developers! Hi, I`m Marko, I live in Graz I`m a full-stack developer, and my passion is JavaScript. I like hiking, Taekwondo, and tennis.

Hi everyone! I`m Alex and I`m from Portugal I`m a Backend Enginner and I`m passionate about PHP and Node.js! I love football, choppers and sim racing! Feel free to reach out!

Hi everyone, My name is Grant, I live in Denver, Colorado! I am a full stack dev, and I work with C and Blazor. I love reading, music and hiking

Hi , I`m Abdulrahm113 , I live in Tanzania I`m Full-Stack Dev and my Passion is Web Developer & Mobile App Developer. I like Cycling , Basketball & Tech Stuffs !!!

Hey my name is Eugene aka the Duruma Dev . I currently live in I`m currently learning Django and bootstrap and my passion is Python Follow me for a follow back

Sup fam ,my name is lesley and I`m 17. I live in Botswana and I`m an amateur full stack developer. My favourite programming language is python followed by JS.

Hello from a 4th Kup ITF student :)

Hi, I`m Joshua, I live in Nigeria I`m a front end developer, and I`m currently exploring JavaScript. I love listening to music and playing video games.

Hi, I am Rahilsha, I live in India I am a Web developer & Game Developer My passion is developing cool Android Games My Portfolio - I like Badminton & Music

Is Graz a place? Wow. I really need to pay attention to geography these days.

Hello Marko, I`m Vishwa! I`m a backend & ML developer. Working towards a fulltime freelance business. I like badminton and hiking.

Hello everyone I am a Web Developer and Security Researcher / Bug Bounty Hunter from Latvia My dev stack is PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and a bit of Python My hobby besides dev & hack is 3D Modelling in Blender

Hi, I`m Tracy from Uganda I`m a web developer currently learning React. I love listening to music and having a hearty laughter. I write articles too. Check out my blog Hey guys, M Tim Studying computer science Frontend dev

I am Shafiq from Uganda i started out as a Graphics designer, I currently do Graphics with css and Html

Hi, I`m Arif, I live in Pakistan I`m MERN stack developer and my passion is react.

Hey I`m Vishal ,18 years old from India but going to Germany this year for my computer science studies Currently learning android development and exploring world of tech I love hiking, adventure and playing cricket

Oh, Did you hear about those albino anaconda thing in Graz?

Hi, I`m subhrajyoti I`m a full stack developer from Cpp || backend@python(django), JavaScript(nodejs, express) || frontend javascript

Hi, I`m Dez, I live in West Clare, Ireland I`m a talent sourcer, maker and I dabble with Jamstack (@jekyllrb but learning other) and am learning full-stack web development on from I like working out every day, play the guitar. And my new love is hurling.

Hi... I am Sumit from India I am a full stack developer and a YouTuber@Backbench Coder . I`m Emmanuel from Panama I`m full stack developer I like tattoos, karate, and skateboarding

Hi, I live in Belfast and I code in Angular and Typescript. So nice to meet you all

Am Desmond from Accra. Looking forward to becoming a frontend developer.

Hi Marko , I`m Mohammed Hamza, I live in India I`m a Machine Learning & AI Enthusiast and developing my web development skills. I like football, cricket and badminton

Chris here. Im a newish front end web dev who loves JavaScript. - Ive got a blog with a design inspired by the classic Macintosh at - I have a YouTube channel focused on web dev (often JS) Hi, I am Oscar, I am from Colombia. Im a Front-End developer and I really love to develop software. I like to do sports, hear music (rock specially) and read science fiction.

Hi everyone , Im Linus, a 16 years old student from Germany and Im currently working on my own custom blog with my selfmade CMS. What I learned so far: PHP, CSS, HTML, Java, JS, C and Python. I also love working out and reading.

Hi everyone! I`m Sebastian, 31 and living in Denmark. I work as a self-taught .NET-developer, and I`m exploring web development at night - vanilla JavaScript at the moment, even though I`m keen to move on to all the exciting frameworks. I play the piano and the guitar to relax.

Hey! I`m Chris I like turtles.

Hi, I`m Mohammed Kabir Hussaini Full stack dev in the making, Developing with JavaScript React Vue and NodeJs Learning React native I love coding, drawing and robotics

Hey, I`m Patrick, from Slovenia . I am 18 years old and currently learning VueJS, NodeJS and PHP. Some months ago, I have started writing my tech blog available on

Hi, I`m Hussam Edine, I live in Sudan I`m Full-Stack Web Developer. I like blogging, read novels.

Hey, I`m Nos Duma from South Africa. I`m a software engineering student. I`ve forgotten what I really like doing having been on lockdown for too long. I watch lots of Netflix and Prime these days.

Hi , I`m unclebigbay from Nigeria, I currently solve problems with React.js, Node.js, and I also love writing about them at You can check out my portfolio at Hi I`m Sumon I`m from India Currently learning backend web development with Django I like reading, playing chess and writing.

I loved Graz! Hello from the Philippines!

Hi! Im Dan Im from Liverpool in the UK but I live in Japan Im currently learning JavaScript and about to move onto React! The dream is to become a web developer

hi i`m Eslam i`m 25 , from Egypt , i`m a front end developer , and studying so hard to be full-stack developer . l like football and my only favorite club is ALAHLY.

Hi, I`m Vicente, from Dominican Republic. I`m front end(js, jquery, html and css) developer. Hobbies: drones, woodcraft, photos

Hi, Im Luke Im a WordPress developer and designer. Building my freelance business on Twitter. I love to play guitar and sports.

Hi, I`m Syndra. I`m 25, and currently learning Flutter for apps development. I`m also interested in becoming a full stack developer and am intrigued by ML. I love reading, swimming, dream about living all over the world and will eat EVERYTHING.

Hey! I am Arghyadeep Das. I am an aspiring ML/DL cognoscente and love the domains of NLP and RL. Learn more about me at

Hi, I`m Josh from Nigeria I`m a Digital Strategist. Currently learning html/css/javascript. Happy to connect with you.

Hello, I am Junior Medehou I`m a software engineer and my passions are Dart and Flutter. I like building/playing games and reading.

I am Muhammad Abubakar I live in Pakistan I am mainly a Back-end developer and my passion is Django(python) I like playing cricket, watching football, movies and seasons.

My name is Erfan & I am a Wordpress expert.

Hi, I`m Abdulmalik, I live in Nigeria I`m an aspiring full-stack developer, and I currently code in Front End. I like Movies, Basketball, and Meeting other devs.

Hey everyone, I`m Vlad a 16 years old high school student from Romania I love to create websites and content on Twitter

Hey guys Im Tanishq! Im a machine learning engineer interested in Computer Vision and NLP I also Kaggle! So hit me up if youd like to collaborate and maybe work on something new

Hi Marko! Im Reaper A programmer obsessed with simplicity. I talk about my endeavours and other stuff on my blog. I have no other hobby, i just code

Hey, I am Priya, I live in India I am a B-Tech student, currently in GSOC-RocketChat. I like reading, playing guitar and swimming.

Hello, I`m Olasupo Ibraheem. I live in Lagos Nigeria. I`m a product designer and a front-end developer. I love volleyball and Football.

I`m Muhammad Adrees, from Pakistan i`m a full stack web developer and now a days focusing on improving my tech stack and shift to MERN stack. as of my hobby i love gardening .

Hello, i`m hery from indonesia Full-stack developer, old-fashioned php + mysql, vue fan I like travelling and meet new skilled persons

Hi I`m Navin Kumar Subramanian. I live in INDIA, I am a full stack developer, passion is JAVA. Like to ride my bicycle for a long distance. Good at Trucking and cooking. Trying to learn blender for past 1 month.

I`m Tenzin I live in india I`m a student and doing BCA I love playing n

Hi everyone I`m Amine, from Morocco I`m a front end developer, currently learning NodeJS, Cloud Computing, GraphQL and Android Development Working on I love hiking Passionate about video games, electric vehicles, 3D printing

Hi, I`m Tabrez, I live in India I`m a Android developer and currently I`m exploring javascript i like singing and listening to music

Hello everyone , I am Ankesh. I am a front-end developer in an MNC, working with ReactJS and D3js. My passion is CSS and JavaScript.

Hi Im Ali, I live in London, UK Im a full-stack developer, and my passion is c, python & javascript. I like, chess, gaming, and reading lots of reading mostly since i am a self taught dev without cs degree theres a lot to read to catch up.

Hello, I`m Parth from Delhi, India. I am currently learning JavaScript and building Basic Projects with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I like to watch movies, read books.

Hi, I`m Kolade, I live in Southern Nigeria I`m a web developer focusing on frontend technologies and heading for fullstack and my passion is JavaScript. I love nature, animals and positivity.

Hi I am Sana, I am d from . I am Full Stack Java developer in making. I need mentor who can answer my doubts. I have no other interest currently.

Hi! I`m Vitto from Italy Fullstack dev coming from a CGI R&D background. I now work as an innovation consultant while developing a couple of personal projects

Hi, I`m Csaba, I live in Kosice (Slovakia) I`m a full-stack developer, and my passion is Laravel and side projects.

Hey I am Pankaj, I live in Berlin Im a FrontEnd developer and I like PingPong, Beer, Running, Writing, Debates etc.

Ola amigos!! Shekar here, I am a backend developer with kotlin as basic language, and micronaut, ratpack as framework. We are into cloud so docker, k8s, Google cloud etc comes normally. Started my pg course in aiml recently from UT at Austin. Let`s see where the tide takes me..

Hey marko I am ravi and I am from india I am frond end developer and competitive programming enthusiast I am new to twitter and recently started a posting content on Twitter

Full Stack of what?

Hi, I`m Funsho. I am an aspiring Web Developer from Nigeria currently learning JavaScript. Asides from coding, I`m a fashion illustrator and a sketch artist.

Hi I m GajendraSinh N. Mori, Assistant Profesor in MCA College from INDIA... Love to learn and teach new technologies.

Hi all Im Dom, I live in London I work as a Frontend Engineer for a tech startup here. I want to help everyone one their Frontend journeys and give them a unique startup perspective. Lets connect Hi, Marco! I`m Stuti. I`m revising what I`ve learnt so far as I build my portfolio and begin the search for my first developer role. I like playing tennis and reading.

Hi, I`m Edmon from Philippines I am a Front-end Developer. JS is my favorite language but I`ll explore the Backend and Data Science in the near future.

Hi, I`m Gift , I live in Nigeria I`m a Data Scientist and I also tweet and write data science related articles I love music ...I dance,rap,drum and I`m a fashion aficionado.

Hi, I`m Sukhpreet, I live in India I`m a front-end developer, and I am learning Vue and JavaScript in depth. I like basketball, brawl stars, and company of self.

Hi everyone ! Im Lucas, i live in Paris . Im a web developer and soon a mobile developer because my new passion is Flutter. I am interested in entrepreneurship and crypto-currencies.

Hey , Me Tasnuva Mobile Application Developer living Dhaka Bangladesh

Hey everyone I`m Rio 26 I`m from Grenada I`m a full-stack developer, my dream is to hack the NSA and spaceX someday. Just kidding I hobbies are playing soccer, drawing and competitive gaming

Hi, Im Daniel, i am from Nigeria Curr learning React Js, i am currently in search of tech company or team to work freely or paid, I currently have no experience working with in a team.. I love dancing, sewing and jogging.

Hi, I am from Self taught full stack developer. Have two friends - .py and .js if ! coding: cycling, reading

I`m Stephen, from Ghana I`m a freelance Graphic Designer and web developer(WordPress) And currently learning HTML /CSS . I like Music, designing and surfing the internet. Happy to connect with you . DM `s are open.

Hi I`m Eric, I live in Nigeria. I`m a full-stack developer(New in the field) and my passion is JavaScript. I like football and movies.

Faisal from Bangladesh Full-stack developer

Hey Marko, Ruben here from Spain. Im totally newbie at coding learning step by step, I have started few weeks ago and I`m now with HTML and CSS. I didn`t know how much I like coding until I started. Looking forward to continue my learning with JS and python. Cheers.

Hi I`m Subhajit, 22, from kolkata I`m new at front-end dev & currently learning JavaScript. I love to photography

Hi, I`m Mansour, I live in Montpellier I`m a frontend developer, and I love working with JavaScript. I like mma, travel , and spend time with my family.

Hi, I`m Mayank, I live in India I`m a full-stack developer, and my passion is learning and exploring JavaScript. I like football, music, and anime.

Hi there . Im merdi kim, web developer and YouTuber from DRC . Im currently available for any challenge My stack :MERN stack

Hi, I`m Arminas, I live in Lithuania I`m a full-stack too, my passions are: - Typescript and horizontal scalability - Building and launching side projects - Marketing and growth engineering I`m a family person outside of my job

Namaste I`m Shyam from India I tweet about Computer and Programming (Mostly Computer Science Topics). Recently graduated and love to read books and interested in startup

Hi Marko, I`m Alee, I live in Leeds I`m a front end developer currently, and aspiring to become a MERN stack developer soon. I love Javascript too. I love reading, working out & MMA

I am Irfan from India. I am software developer. Focussing on python and JS.

Hello there! My name is Daniel and I`m also from Austria I`m a web and app developer and my passion is Flutter I tweet about self-improvement, productivity and development in general.

Hi Marko, I am Taneem and I live in Pakistan. I am Blockchain developer and design blockchain architecture.

Hi! Dudi Gunawan, from Indonesia. I teach Python for networking, C and SQL server. Also I`ve been playing JavaScript since IE 4.0, Win98, CSS2, DOM2. IE. 5.0 was year of XML, XSLT, XHTML 1.0. IE 6.0 we can coloring the scrollbar.

Hi Im Ashish, lives in India UI React Web Developer, learning js Like music movies adventures

Hello. This is Sajid Miraj from Bangladesh. I`m a full stack developer. I`m certainly foucsed in election.js for building a sofyware.

Hi Everyone! I am Fateh Alam. I am a Swift Developer. I love to make beautiful designs. I am crazy about exotic foods. I absolutely love reading books and I am an eager player of video games.

Hi, Saurabh here! I am currently working as a junior front-end developer on a small project I love drawing.

Hi, I`m Mahima, I live in India I`m a front-end developer, and I have intermediate experience in JavaScript. Currently learning about ReactJS I likearts and crafts. Im a creative person and I love reading novels

Hi all am Ronnie, I live in Kampala [Uganda] I`m a full-stack developer, and my passion is Python

Hey there, Im Mohamed, from Somalia My effort is to be a full-stack developer, specially MERN-stack. I passionate football, reading , having small business and being an instructor course seller.

I`m Shawna I`m an aspiring full stack developer in Oregon. I enjoy music, and photography, nice to meet you.

Hi everyone! I am Subha. Currently a student, a technical author and an aspiring software engineer. I am from India I JavaScript.

Tarus From Kenya Frontend dev I hate the gym

hi there! im liz, from and im an aspiring frontend developer. currently attempting to learn javascript (for the 2nd time) i like watching anime, reading and hiking

Razvan here, I live in Bucharest I am a Front-End Developer and Instructor, I love football, psychology and craft beer. And of course coding and teaching others

Hi, I`m Rikaz, I live in Sri Lanka I`m a full-stack developer, and my passion is JavaScript. I love books, hiking and Soccer.

Hi from CA, US. I`m trying to code. I sell stuff online when I can.

Hi I`m Shubham, I live in Goa I`m Android app developer. I mainly use Java at work but also comfortable with other languages like Python for automation.

Hello World My name is Dan, 18 yrs old. I live in Thailand but I`m not Thai I`m an aspirating web developer, currently exploring JavaScript. Looking to add value and connect with everyone out here. I love jogging, body-weight workouts, basketball, and being in nature.

Hi beautiful devs. I`m Sam, I live in Lagos Nigeria I`m a frontend Dev and i love JavaScript even though it`s tough. I like scrabble and also like to read

Hey there I`m Hariharan, I`m from India And I`m a full stack web developer, specialized in Django currently exploring front-end technologies.. I love playing cricket and I`m professional keeper-batsman

Hello I`m from India 24 years old & learning web development. Just starting with CSS & javascript will tweet about it regularly I love programming Reading books , trekking & cricket are my hobbies.

Hi Im Olena. Im from Ukraine but live in Germany . Im software engineer and blogger.

Good day everyone! Bek is here, currently based in Uzbekistan I`m a fullstack developer, like to create in JS, RoR and currently I`m part of an amazing startup! I love extreme activities, enjoy working out and travel! Have a lovely day y`all!

Hi! I`m Divyansh from India I`m working my way towards being a full stack developer. Hopefully will be done with learning and practicing stuff in 2 months . I love talking to people, playing badminton and enjoy some solo time.

Hola I`m Leonardo, 21 years from El Salvador I`m currently learning Frontend Development. I like football, videogames and everything related to tech.

So I want knowledge from you on javascript

Hi, I`m Radharadhya, a digital monk. I am in a challenge trying to keep my followers count as low as possible.

Hi! I`m Ivan from Russia, I`m currently studying to become software and game developer, I really love C and enjoy competitive robotics and gaming.

Hey Marko . This is Kunal 20 year old . In startups and Fintech . A techy guy with lots of ambitions

Hello Im Radu from Romania Im an aspiring full stack web dev, a father, a husband, a yoga, meditation, fitness and amateur gardening enthusiast Im doing 100DaysOfMeditation and my own versions of the 100DaysOfCode, 100DaysOfYoga, 100DaysOfExercise challenges

Hi I`m Carlos, I live in the Dominican Republic I`m an architect and developer, I like reading, videogames and astronomy. Currently working as a fullstack developer.

Hey everyone! My name is Michael, from Russia I`m frontend developer and React and Typescript Open-source Twitter dev community My daughter and family

Hi, I`m Abhishek, I`m from India. I`m a full-stack web developer too, but I love working with front end ui more. I like playing video games and listening to calm music

Hey! I`m Yuri, and I`m 22 I was born in Chile, but currently live in Korea! Currently learning full-stack, and JS as my language. I love me a Bourbon old fashioned...not sure about hobbies I like ever since coding has taken over my life!

Hi, I`m Shounak. I am an aspiring Web Developer from currently learning JavaScript. Apart from coding, I love shooting birds with a and play

Hi, I`m Emmanuel, I live in Nigeria I`m a front-end developer, and my passion is coding. I love reading and learning.

hi, i`m giray, i live in turkey. i`m a machine learning researcher but i`m trying to become a full-stack developer i`m fluent in python. i`m learning html, css, js now.

Hey Marko I`m Sakun Pushpitha from Sri Lanka I`m final year CS undergraduate and I love javascript. Completed my internship couple of months ago as a SE Tweet daily on webdevelopment and programming

Hi Everyone, I am Tanmay and currently exploring - Cloud Computing - GraphQL - Serverless - React I often tweet learnings about the same. Nice to meet the twitter tech community. Hello everyone, I am Jose from Bay Area, USA. I enjoy writing code in JavaScript. Now, I am looking for my first job as a full stack developer. I like soccer and draw.

Hey Marko, I`m Akarsh, and I live in India. I`m a Front-end engineer, and my passion is exploring new stuff and coding. I like watching TV series and movies.

Hello , Dhaval here, I live in India I`m full stack developer, my passion is web development and game development.

Hi m fareeha from Pakistan am becoming a python developer specialized in Data Science m a newbie. My passion is coding and other hobbies includes writing and baking

Hi Sparsh Gupta here! 19 Years old and live in India. I am a:- 1. Content Creator(Currently having 50K+ follower base!) 2. Virtual Assistant 3. Front-end Web developer and currently Learning About ReactJS. I love to share helpful content here on Twitter and Instagram.

, I`m Anurag I`m 14 and I live in India I`m a frontend Developer and I love css Hi Marko My name is Manoj from India. I am wordpress developer on my weekends. Currently exploring DevOps.

Hi, I`m Chhavi, I live in Delhi, India I`m a Web Developer, Learning JavaScript I like to explore horror things

Hii Marko I`m Krishnaa, 16 years old, from India I`m Student And currently learning JavaScript. Also sharing some tips about how can you learn Web Developing I like Music, Learning and love to spend time on twitter with all my friends here. Happy to connect with you

Hello everyone I am Chakit, I live in India I am a Full Stack Developer, and I like making Web Applications! I like traveling and mentoring!

Hi Marko, I am Sushant. I am from India. I started HTML and CSS few weeks. Currently learning Javascript. I want to be a frontend developer.

Hellu I`m Aulia, from an Asian country. I am 17 and right now working as a junior fullstack dev. I like crying over my code and questioning my existence. Let`s be friends! :D

I am tomiwa Adeogun I know nothing but I want to learn and meet new people

Hello It`s Suprabha, lives in I`m Frontend Engineer. I love CSS and JavaScript. I really love to create posts to help everyone and myself Currently I am learning threeJS

Hi, I am Dhiraj Kumar, a proud Indian I am a Microsoft solution Architect and love to mentor fellow developer in their career

Hi, I`m Sagar, I live in India I`m a mathematics Graduate and currently learning full stack I Love to read, write and play

Hey Marko Insha here, 19 years old from India. I`m a web developer, currently exploring JavaScript. I love trekking, reading, and badminton.

Hi , I am Vinay from India I am a Flutter Developer sharing my flutter knowledge and some Developer resources on twitter I like Writing Poetry and watching movies Happy to connect

Hi, I am Setor. I am a frontend developer and I use JavaScript.

Hello Everyone I`m Nikhil, from India I`m currently learning NodeJs, on journey of exploring Javascript. I love listening podcasts and reading articles from great entrepreneurs

Hi there, Frank Eno here! Mobile and web developer, recently got into gaming industry with my series for mobile devices I also love playing guitar & drums and compose instrumental music And thanks to for tweeting this thread

Hi, I am Het, I live in India I am a fresher in this field and looking for full-stack, Data science or IT support work. I like chess and have a hobby to follow new and current affairs.

Hi, Im seb and Im Bosnian and live in Utah. I love programming , Java is my favorite. Ive taken a huge interest in Linux tho :) I like to workout and go out and have fun

Hi Marko, hi everyone! My name`s Ricardo. I live in Mexico. I`m also a full stack web developer working mostly with Python & Javascript, though I have some experience with PHP and C as well. I`m trying to learn ML on my own. I like music, movies & learning languages.

Hii, myself Siddharth Mishra I am from India I am front end developer and I to design website. I am learning and doing lots of projects. Right now I am learning c++. I love to explore different domains. I like football, basketball and bedminton. Sometimes I write & sing songs.

Hi, I am Yaseen, from India . I am a Multi-Stack developer. And my passion is to learn new techs I like baseball and sci-fi movies .

Namaste (Hello), I`m Naveen Sharma I am from India I`m A JavaScript Developer and I Love to Code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Especially I Love to Solve Coding Challenges using JS. Happy Coding and Learning Everyone.

Hi, Im Teo, a Frontend developer from Nigeria.

Hi I am Junaid, from India I am a student and front-end developer. Currently learning Python and MongoDB and I like to read.

Hi all, My name is Eliahu, I`m from Spain but i live in Israel . I`m a full stack developer and I love programming. JavaScript I`m a family man, and I love to spend time with my wife and kids.

Hello Marko, Myself Muthu Annamalai - I am a 19-year-old tech enthusiast - I am just starting with my journey as a web developer and will be tweeting regularly about it here. - I`m looking to add value and connect with everyone out here DMs are open

Hi, We are Project Aryabhatt We are Free Education focused Startup We are from India We love talking about Programming, Education and Startups

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