"iOS 16 is cooking my battery

September 20, 2022, 7:32 pm

"iOS 16 is cooking my battery." "Updating to iOS 16 is the worst decision I made for my battery." Me that hasn`t updated my iOS:

This is my plan too

E be like say nar the wrong IOS 16 I updated it, My battery got stronger and better

16 is not cooking battery lool

Lol , tell them to change their batteries, mine is still strong

I regret o My phone fit iron cloth

I thought I was the only one. Every 2 hours man for charge phone but BH is 100%

Thought Im the only one

that got the beta version before everyone else I mean the battery issue is a lie , works perfectly fine

Its a lie tho , youll eventually update

Me that cant update to IOS 16: d thing dey really chop battery

iOS 16 na battery drainer

Am not experiencing anything like that o

My battery is actually doing just fine.. idk what the fuss is all about

Even Android users dey laugh , Wetin they know say iOS 16 be? Bro that thing dealt with my ba3 health.. I am still hurting

Never experience all this people talk aboutthe ios

youll still update it las las

update your iOS and stop living in the past. no be only me go suffer battery

Thats cap sha. Nothing dey do my own battery, surprised to see people complaining.

Youre something else

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