iOS Dev `party`!

July 5, 2021, 8:00 am
iOS Dev `party`!
iOS Dev `party`! (PART 16) If you are an iOS developer, let`s take a break. Let`s say `Hi ` on this thread and let`s follow each other. Don`t forget to retweet! iosdev

Hi, beginner in swift there

Hi All, I`m an iOSdev from Sri Lanka.

How in the world does someone make a living as an "iOS" developer? I mean, it seems like you would need to make it for android as well so more "mobile" developer than just "iOS"

Hello Everyone Apple Enterprise Developer programing account is available now for sell

Hello! Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone! Im starting too, so Im far for consider myself as a iOS developer but Im learning and learning and hopefully I will have an app one day.

My contract states that Im not allowed to stop

Hi all!!! Seize this opportunity to ask for books to read this summer Im starting in ios dev( day 48 of 100DaysOfSwiftUI )

hello, I`m new ios dev ^^ Hi from a bloody Junior

Hello there, just started ios development. But building cross platform apps for a long time now

Hello to all devs! Hi everyone ,, egypt

Hey everyone, I`m into iOS since iOS 12 and Swift 4. Good to see you all

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and are working on something cool!

Hey iOSDevs!! Hi ! (Yes, i have three hands)

Greetings from an old school Apple developer since the `80s.

Hello everyone, I started learning in late 2020

Hi my iOS Dev brethren

Hi, don`t know if I belong here, I`m just starting iOS development

Hello everybody!

Hi everyone! It`s Vladimir!

Hee Hoo Hi! greetings from Argentina

Hello to everyone. I`d love to meet some new people!

Hey! Look whom I brought to the party Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well

Hey Everybody! I`m Matthias, and I make video about mostly SwiftUI :)
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