iOS Notifications are better than Android Notifications

April 8, 2022, 3:53 am
iOS Notifications are better than Android Notifications
iOS Notifications are better than Android Notifications.

Absolutely right...

As an iOS user, nope.

For sureeeeee so much better on iOS

Please tell me you`re trolling

As a person who uses both, totally untrue. The single biggest annoyance i have with ios is how it handles notifications. If for eg i get a text and view the text directly from the app instead of notifications,that notification doesnt go away and I need to manually remove it

Enjoy the engagements

Blink twice if you need help

Damn! Just tell me Trent, why, why would you say such a thing? iOS notifications are so hated, people mostly turn them off

Ratio + don`t care + didnt ask + did i ask? + Go touch grass + go outside + any askers? + U`re mom

Theyre good. I just wish they would make them a bit more interactive. For example, add a Watch Later option when silencing the YouTube app.

I didn`t see common sense like how your bio says...

I`m mixed. I used iOS for 3 years, and went back to android after getting tired of all it offered. I do miss some stable optimization, but overall I find android superior. Which is subjective, like your tweet.

For masochists, yes.

The biggest surprise in iOS is that you cant mute a WhatsApp call! Theres no option for it. You can mute text messages not calls.

Clearing then on iOS is a pain

Notifications should scroll across the top in one line. Its so damn annoying to do anything when a wave of notifications flood in with the current IOS

Sometimes....not alwys

Must you guys compare every single thing on iPhones and androids? Ugh

-me when im lying

In android you CAN NEVER have a clear notification center. Whenever I dismiss all a second later many of them reappear for bo real reason :/

Oh, he went there. He actually went there! Imagine enjoying a literal clusterfuck of unorganized notifications. Couldn`t be me.

Lmfao not even close

At least on amdroid you can customize your notifications and notification sounds

Well that`s a lie... IOS notifications make me mad. They`re just all stacked there... So much clutter. It takes you so much longer to do something on iOS than Android. It`s ridiculous

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I don`t want notifications, so it really doesn`t matter to me either way.

Swiping all the way down then having to unlock again just to see notifications on my iPad, not to mention everything is clucked together so i gotta swipe through each one to see if there`s anything important, definitely the better notification system.

i despise the fact that every single notification turns my screen on, even on a call.. accidental presses every now and then..

Facts Then theres calling your opinion a joke Why am I not surprised whatsoever As a user of both (currently iOS), Android has better notifications iOS is improving though

You can get ios notifications on android

Welp. You got what you wanted. A response Oh and you`re wrong Sir. I have 30 separate notifications from one group chat that ends that conversation before you attempt to make a valid point.

I see you! You can`t just say that and not give a reason for it. For anyone thinking that iOS notifications are better than Android`s, please let me know why? thx

All they do is lie on the app

This is a video title if I ever heard one! Got these guys fired up over notifications.

Trent wants the smoke

iOS notifications are a mess rn

does ios have notification history?

April fools was a week ago

I prefer Android notifications

Here comes triggered Fandroids You mean the lock screen notfications or in general? Because unlike iOS Android can be customized however you want, and you can easily get iOS-style notifications on Android.

I just started using iOS and notification is worse here. Literally painful

I dont know. I the Android notifications cuz you can make it easier to read if you wear glasses

Here come the fandroids

Purely for the trolling war. Good job

Yep, that is simply true

Yeah, Apple does a horrible job with notifications, I turned them off everytime I had an iphone

I absolutely hate notifications on iOS. maybe it`s just familiarity, but I get so frustrated trying to use iOS devices and notifications is one of the biggest reasons. and I love Android notifications

Ive been on iPhone for a while not and to be honest I like androids better. The notification on the vanilla version are far less instructive then apple.

Of course they are IOS period is a lot cleaner than android OS

For someone who uses a OnePlus 7 and iPhone XR, the recent iOS 15 updates have made the notification management good in iPhone and I prefer it more than my android.

Does your Debit Alert change to Credit?

Android can customize how many notifications each app can send you.iOS makes you take them all or none of them. you can dismiss them more easily in android, Scheduled summary cant be dismissed by groups, thats just a few. Bonkers that people like the iOS mess more.

And it`s not even close. This shouldn`t be a discussion anymore. iPhone does a way better job with notifications.

That`s your opinion

iOS is better than Android.

This guy want Android users to tear him up

Respectfully disagree.

You got the traction you were after with that lie...

True .. specially the Lock Screen notification

I don`t know man. I don`t use notifications at all. They are just a social engineering tool to bait you into opening an app. I use my apps when I want to, not for some bait.

Yo thats so accurate

But no way to change custom sounds on third party apps

Can you Run Games on Mac !!!

By far! In time and persistence.

Android da beast iPhone the least

I see what you did here

I agree. I think Android is better on a lot of fronts, in my opinion notifications just aint one of them. For me I like how the notifications are right on the Lock Screen and stacked on iOS. And also notification summary

Nah i really dont think they are It doesnt properly group the app notifications together and its annoying

Windows Phone notifications > iOS notifications > Android notifications

You are right, imagine having a brand new Galaxy S22 and not getting Gmail notifications lmao

Can be yours personal preference .

Iphone fans true Andriod fans false Game over. Have a sleep tight and good night

Is this April Fools Day?

But Notification Center is better as iOS

True but the ease of access is better on android.

Bro its not april fools anymore

Absolutely not this is actually the weakest point of iOS for me it needs to be updated

Well, it`s just your opinion lol. It`s not the truth.

Truly agreed! I like iOS more than android now. With minimum customisation but good UX. Kinda loving it tbh.

I havent used a android in years. I dont even want to know what their notifications look like.

In terms of presentation and unification, yes.

as a certified apple enjoyer and "iSheep," i disagree

I had android then now on iOS and I miss android notifications, I`ve just gotten used to apple but the notification bar is far superior on Android. But hey this is just my opinion and I use iOS only now.

knock off cant be better than original

I love Apple, but no. Really, just no.

Android is better than iOS

Theres pros and cons to both. But tbh iOS notifications are more reliable in my experience.

Eah cause it covers a third of the top screen when incoming...great

ios better than android

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