iOS vs Android which one would you choose &

July 12, 2022, 2:25 pm
iOS vs Android which one would you choose &
iOS vs Android which one would you choose & why ??

I don`t know why people like ios

Android since it has legs and the apple has to hop around

I choose android because most of the people love apple but use only android

Android cos its a better software experience than iOS.

Nothing is coming saru sir Apple ko beat jrur karega Well, iPhone is secure but still, iPhone needed more work for 14 pro max because I have 13 pro max

Android, cuz it gives more freedom.

You should try the legendary Nokia. If you know you know

I go with Android `coz I can`t afford iOS

all these comments just making excuses, android for piracy

Obviously, I`ll choose those things which i can afford..! ANDROID

iOS cause of it`s brand experience and how it`s gonna introduce you to the world of tech

iOS is the way to go

Android. More customizable. Easier to find and change settings. Super fast charging. Cheaper accessories.

Um sorry I live in peace. Windows Mobile thanks

Android because i am poor

Android, because it has more libery and you can customize everything it`s not like ios that will only let you access ther customizing features.

Android is okay for me, i can easily manage and maintain it

i choose android because i don`t have a budget to buy an i phone

IOS it safe much safer not 100% though

I have choose the andriod

Android for its freedom

Both, they are both useful.

Obviously I`ll go for Android

Both! For quality- iPhone and for quantity- Android.

Android. They have arms.

Android iOS gouges the user at every opportunity. Android offers a wide spectrum of choice, allowing users to do things like not pay for cloud storage.

Ios because i never used android

Android phones have my files features We can use it like portable storage

Wouldn`t death be a better choice?

Android anytime. Coz i have more options

Android the replacement costs way cheaper than a iPhone

Android. Theyre better istg

Android because my budget is 20k.

Now days I prefer iOS rather than Android.

iOS=Porsche Android=Maruti Suzuki Which one would you prefer? assuming you can afford both of these cars

Android because it is technically flexible.

Which is the best ??????

Android,more users and the phones are bigger

Tech savvys do prefer android but ios is for businessman according to me

Both are good, but I choose Android

No Windows cellphones and tablets?

iOS because of security..

Android Is The Best Because Its Easy To Use

I switch every now and then between devices. Currently using iOS. Android is cheaper, more advanced in terms of technologic revolution (for example: 120hz was available long ago and still only the pro ipjone has it ) and android is customizable. Apple is more reliable and safer

Why What`s it to you ?

I choose ios because whenever I switch back to android I just lose interest in the features that made me switch in the first place. Plus having iOS has been fun for me so far. The aesthetics are nice, theyre late with other features but they usually nail them once released

iPhones - 5 year of updates, iPhone 6 (2014) lasted till now ProMotion - much better implementation of adaptive refresh rate than most androids Ecosystem - it works perfectly with any other iDevice you have. Exclusives - Apple gets stuff first compared to Android and also apps.

Like both ,but keep going back to android

Android, because of pocket size.

Why do you ask this question?

Android has more stuff

I don`t want to sell my kidney that`s why I would like to go with Android

I`ll go with Android because, Mere pass Android h..

IOS obviously coz IOS is easy to use. Even its not that hard to choose by having a look at your budget and requirements. On the other hand, android is hard to choose, having hundred of useless devices.

I`ve not tried iOS but rn I`d hate it. No customisation, no freedom to do what you want with your phone, etc

enjoy using ios brother And it`s windy like he has iphone ! iOS

Android always Because you have more space to play with

I would choose
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