iPhone 14 Pro Max Review: +Screen insanely bright +Camera

September 22, 2022, 2:16 pm
iPhone 14 Pro Max Review: +Screen insanely bright +Camera
iPhone 14 Pro Max Review: +Screen insanely bright +Camera similar but a solid refinement +Speakers & Microphones both sound better than last gen +Dynamic island is an aesthetic improvement -Battery life slightly weaker vs last gen -Camera still struggles with some HDR scenarios

Where did u get the wallpaper?

Aaron - the battery is not weaker. The demands on the battery are greater.

Sounds like it is a great phone. Personally I still prefer a top border with a full screen rather than punch holes or dynamic islands getting in the way of my screen. Personally, if I switch to iPhone anytime soon that is my hold up/bug

You believe that the battery hit is an iOS 16 issue or a model problem (14 lineup) I`m still on 15.6 and the phone is running flawlessly, both in terms of battery and overall performance. 13 PM

Max over standard Pro?

now extend those 6 lines into a 12 minute video

I tested a screen and ita not soo much brighter as its said, but its clear to read when is direkt sunlight on it. Cameras are bit better, but it will je fixed with updates. Btw, Great youtube channel Maini.

Change my mind Dynamic island is just a cool feature which is purposely made to hide the ugly pill shape notch

Just had a second look at the pic nd saw u hv 62,134 Gmail messages . Aiming to hit a million ?

Why do you think battery life is weaker?

Apple should give users option whether they want to enable or disable the dynamic island. The default dual cut outs without any artificial pixels connecting the both looks much cleaner nd less intrusive.

Target audience for this particular model is highly "niche"... they really don`t give a damn about any major/minor updates... trust me...

Dynamic island makes tapping the top of the screen to auto jump to the top of anything youre looking act extremely finicky.

Anyone have this wallpaper?

Something pointed out about the island that I cant get over is that the notch is forgiven because it doesnt do anything so you get used to it due to the lack of interaction. But now that you can youll never get to do that since its used for so many apps and functions now.

62,000 emails notifications is stressing me out

My battery is terrible

On what phone was this photo taken with ?? Phone is struggling around the edges of the iPhone

If you have the 13 pro should wait for next year`s iPhone with USB-C and probably periscope zoom lens

And the thinner bezels!

Wallpaper please

I personally love the new design....... Especially how they make the hardware seem like a software feature (dynamic island)

Do you have any expectations that upcoming software updates might enhance the battery life like it did last year?

the pill!!! i just wanna swipe it away constantly like its a bit of dirt on the screen. the notch blends so much nicer

theres no point if the screen is bright for five minutes, and then goes down. It`s beautiful when it`s bright but that doesn`t last

62,134 emails???

That`s a lot of unread emails

Love this compact summary

Is it possible to do the same for the all the iPhone 14s?

When`s the video coming out

I have no complains about the pill cutout but the camera module is insanely huge and appears in proportion to phone. I feel it already reached the max with 13 PM. Apple will need to think of a new camera design instead of making them larger and larger every year.

Hardly seems like a new phone honestly

The post: IPhone 14 pro max review The comments: I`ll wait iPhone 15 Pro

I think the screen brightness and the iOS 16 update could be the contributing factors to battery being slightly weaker. But I find my 14 pro max to be really good. Light years ahead of my s22 ultra haha

Ive had to turn off AOD and ProMotion just to get my battery life to approximately where my 3 year old iPhone 11 Pro was

When is your new video coming

some units of the s22 ultra has shaky videos when using third party apps like snapchat and Instagram Don`t know if u have seen that

Cameras are "too big", the design of them is weird because it`s not centered and it takes more than half the width of the phone. The pill cut the screen with useless part of screen above, and the pill is lower so it takes "more interesting" part of full screen videos.

Please upload the youtube video !

Nice upgrade but I see no reason for a 13 pro users to upgrade.This one is for the 12 pro users and below,they can upgrade from 60hz to 120hz with AOD Better camera hardware tho processing is mostly the same Better battery Faster Bionic Faster charging speed and prores, cinematic

Now I can say iPhone finally better than the Nokia lollipop model phone

I disliked ur s22 ultra vs iphone video for the first time . In my opinion it wasn`t fare comparison at all. S22 ultra has better colors , better dynamic range Overall versatile camera setup. U were preferred iphone over s22 ultra even iphone had shitty colors.

Wonder software update will improve camera or not

You review

Dynamic island is so ugly

Microphone quality over voice call was not good on iPhone 13pm. There was no noise cancellation apple itself removed it idk why. Because of this even while messaging there was so much distortion of background voice. Only thing i hate in my 13pm is microphone

When can we expect a youtube full review???

Can u gift me one please.....i use a trash android

Dickriding excessively high. How can people like that excessively intrusive pillshit over the notch which atleast merged with the bezels uniformly

for your battery test, yeah, it might be some software issue, or, its just not the same test

I personally feel like a big part of its weak battery life is ios 16 out of the box. I am still running ios 15.7 on a 100% battery health and my friend updated to ios16 on a 100% health ( both 13 pro ). His health dropped and the battery life is not around the same as mine nomo

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13 pro max it is then for my upgrade

I want that it`s cool dude:)

No cell service?

How is battery weaker? Needs explanation

I wonder why you & most other reviewers never mention the HDR problems that have been there for years now !

+ just 1 calendar event - 62 134 unread emails

No Type C yet? I`m not buying

This was your 5000th tweet

They offer me 550 for my 13pro 256gb and want to sell me this next gen for 1200. Apple lost the plot.

Are we expecting a giveaway?

Ive noticed people talking dyanmic island doesn`t look good and can look out of place in bright areas or under bright light.

The problem is you`re an apple guy and I feel you`re a lil biased Arun as much as I enjoy your videos

iPhones native cam app suffers a lot from the smart-HDR, which, annoyingly, cannot be turned off Ive had lots of photos ruined cause of that. Particularly dark selfies are always ruined by the weird light halo that oddly appears around the subject. battery life weaker!?

Cannot agree more here, very much spot on. I didnt know the speakers were better tho

Looks ugly Not so much reason to update then, isnt it?


In my country it costs 2500 dollar

62k emails. I can imagine all those frustrated in there.

when can we expecr a video on it?

Add captions please!

Hey I think it looks good Also Arun will u give those away ??

15 will be where its at, The 14 is like a test phone to see what wrongs they can correct with the 15. Either way the 14Pro is pretty neat.

Camera stabilization takes time

Don`t mind him he just hating on Apple

Imagine this guy having goosebumps with that amount of hair.

i really like the screen, but in the end its not worth buying!

Gotta admit the dynamic island is a clever bit of design. Still not particularly interested overall, but looks good.

Battery life around half hour lesser than 13PM..

that wallpaper is so sick

I`ve seen the iphone 14 pro max battery doing better than the 13 pro max.

I dont know if you noticed but you have an unread email

I feel like the dynamic island is just a gimmick. I don`t want to be constantly reminded when a call is going on, or when a timer is running. I can find both in the notification panel. From my Experience: At a Glance > Dynamic Island if that camera punch was a bit smaller I would have called it s22 ultra.

Finally someone commented the strengths and the weakness of the iPhone because the number of supporters of apple in twitter is just insane. (by the way. No hate.)

Dynamic Island is okay. Not very reachability friendly unfortunately, you`re forced to use your other hand to interact with it.

Wonder what the battery life is like on the iPhone 14 Plus

No video review?

Overall what`s your experience with it ?

I just read that with your voice in my head

How does the 14 pro cameras compare to 13 pro? There is a review on ZoneofTech channel stating that 13 pro cameras performed better in the majority of the conditions there were compared against. Have you tried the same?

Discovered camera bug

Imma iPhone 12 user currently and i was a previous s21 ultra user.. i will wait until S23 series releases but i am really in dilemma if i want another iPhone or i want S23

Hi Arun ..these meager upgrades don`t justify all the noise around the 14 release.. what is apple getting good at is how they market their products.. year on year basis.. A simple handgesture to capture selfies on large size is seriously a miss.. arun can you highlight this pls.

Bro busy promoting and forgot garbage side of iPhone design

TLDR: no better than previous phones. No reason to spend money on, other than to make Apple more money.

They need to improve on dynamic island,so many people are complaining that it looks so ugly at specific places,it`s like there`s an eye on the phone

Whr is the video

Bruh just iphone14p is silently shows design for upcoming 5 or 10 years lol

Was the moto edge 30 ultra released in Europe or did they send one for review? If so a look at that phone would be nice. Seems to be all around a very solid phone to me especially the cameras

Apple shill" any comments from Apple fans will be blocked you are less then human to me

Does anyone feel like the dynamic island is just a bigger gimmick? For ex: when I`m using my phone, the indicator that I get when a call is going on (in the notification panel), is sufficient. I don`t need to have it constantly reminding me that a call is going on. 1/2

Tldr : no need to buy if you have Iphone 13 Pro Max or even 12 Pro Max

Why video is not on your channel?

Amount of people caring about camera is astonishing. Most of my friends & I use camera super rare. And to see most reviewers on YT & Twitter focusing more on camera was weird few years back. Now even companies started doing the same.I dont know how many keep clickin all the time

So, don`t upgrade???

they keep getting away with mild upgrades

Looking forward to seeing your review

damn 62K emails

Have you taken with another iphone 14 pro?

Bro you gotta read some of them emails. 62k?!

Like you havent responded to 62 134 emails

Now we know what upgrades to expect in iphone 15 Battery and camera

Camera HDR struggle is exact to what I thought . Photos with challenging HDR situations looks like photos shot with oneplus phones

The inability to catch up with their cheaper alternatives

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I don`t like the Dynamic island, just takes up more space and the messages look ugly. It`s gimmicky

An important change is the added cost for UK and EU customers. Every new iPhone is silently launching with a 200 higher price tag.

Camera shake dose it happens in normal iPhone 14 ?

Damn its that bad ???? And I wanted the 14 pro

Camera solid refinement but still struggles at HDR

Thanks, Arun! We need your videos, good sir. You provide the perfect ASMR. Because its tech-ASMR.

When is the giveaway???

Dynamic island under the sun

We could have had a fair battery comparison with the previous gen if youd have put the iPhone 13Pro and pro max in your battery video.

I really thought that the 13pro max did soo well in battery backup this 14 pro max will outdid this one and will become this year`s hell of a battery beast. But in the end it didn`t turned out that well. Next time maybe.

the "island" which isn`t as seemless as they made it out to be

Bro, 62k unread mails

its not as fit as you

The notch looks weird to me

No sim for US market, more expensive.

What happened to the "innovashun" ? Can wait the video

But you crowned the 14 Pro Max king of photography?

Sticking with 13 Pro Max until the upgrade is substantial

This is the video i am waiting for

It`s because of the always on

So what I thought mostly


Wanna see your video on it

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