iPhone 14 Pro Max Windows 11 Edition https://t

October 9, 2022, 7:57 pm
iPhone 14 Pro Max Windows 11 Edition https://t
iPhone 14 Pro Max Windows 11 Edition

I just threw up Im my mouth a little.

iPhone 14 Plus for grab. Link in bio.

i dont like it it looks weird lol

The dynamic island is so ugly

Blue screen of death

Looks like windows alright

I had my lumia 950 since 2016 to all the until march of a 2022, 5+ years that phone were just blast! But than battery died & Microsoft stopped support for mobile phones.. No social apps.. Forced to move on Android..

And your phone just crashed.

Dont get me wrong, this is awful, but cool concept nonetheless.

Feels illegal but official at the same time

Its a phone. Everyone has one. Go outside. Get some fresh air.

Windows? what!?

Screwing 2 platforms at once . What a threesome

Really missing my Windows phone now I miss my old Lumia Windows phone!

This one looks crazyhere is mine just something simple absolutely blessed UI

I want the old appl icons help

And the question is why

So how did you this?

Don`t play with my heart like that smh

Window 11 wallpaper for everyone here we go my last windows phone was in 2016I miss it so much! The interface with the tiles and the text was just sooo sexy !

I actually like it. Wth is wrong with me?

I need this qr, not in reddit anymore

Nice! It is usually widgets or one solid tile?

You can`t beat us in customisation My computer owns the 10 still lol dont want to upgrade

How to set on iPhone 12

I miss windows phone


The way this is messin with my head

What`s that big hole on the top ?

Can you explain the step by step procedure of how to set this

Could you share the link? Idk why is not readable the QR

Me sawing that: Send us a video how to do this

Live tiles is still the best OS Home Screen for a phone.

This is really clever

Windows 11 Mobile my Beloved

When two horrible things come together

i know steve jobs rolling in his grave rn

How to ruin your overpriced phone even more

How does one get this widget thinggy?

Windows phone left that chat.

Actually looks really good!

I like that look a lot for some reason. Wish Microsoft was still making Windows Phone OS.

How to get it on Android?

Found it. Thanks . Looks cool

Why do I like how that looks ?!

bring back the windows phone

Don`t know why but it feels like combination of Pele+LeBron... *both r from different from each other, nd have different fanbase .. But still both of them deal with ball

Why does Windows 11 have windows 8 elements

This is amazing! I miss my window UI! Ive imported it but cant seem to get the box effect around the icons. More research needed I think

... I still miss my Lumia We need a third OPTION

Why did they decide to lose so much of the screen by having a huge radius to the corners?

Like people what these !

The good ole days. Bring back Windows Phones

We used to have a Paragon+ from dreamboard. It was really cool and really nice looking.

& they say u can`t customise iPhone . . . Send wallpaper please

Never thought to do this with widgy!

Aesthetically pleasing

Okay but this actually slaps. Imma try this.

When will it`s Android version come?

it would be nicer if we could use ios on Android devices, I don`t like the look of the new iphone, especially the annoying blob, but I like the look of a few new androids but hate the os, if only Apple made Samsung, Google etc.

Abeg e fit work for my iPhone 6

Looks nice. I know windows slowly adapting for smaller devices, and sooner or later there will be windows phones

Windows phones had the best UI, no cap. Bring Lumia back but with better OS

Strage im missing the background colors for the widgy bloks

Just why would you do this

Bill gates wants to know your location

Steve Jobs screaming from heaven

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