iPhone 14 series buyers/iOS 16 users: How`s your experience

October 4, 2022, 8:07 am
iPhone 14 series buyers/iOS 16 users: How`s your experience
iPhone 14 series buyers/iOS 16 users: Hows your experience been? Underrated features? Any bugs? Working on a video

Battery drains faster than the Bugatti

Personally I am happy with iOS 16, even though Im using it on the iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 mini - the battery seems to be a tad worse. Other than that, widgets like Google chrome or smarterthings widgets are getting triggered even when I am swiping down for the notifications.

Ive been seeing several bugs/inconsistencies in the UI, iPhone 13 Pro iOS 16.0.1

My wife hates that her Lock Screen clock is now enormous and cannot be changed to be smaller without changing the wallpaper.

1.Keyboard field not showing up 2.Typing field not showing up. In 1st and 3rd party apps 3. Dictation not working! You say a word and nothing happens or not turning off when you press the mic icon again 4.I feel like Im making more mistakes while typing. lots of mis-clicks.

Notes cant open with Face ID

My iPhone 11 Pro sometimes struggles with the keyboard key presses take an age to catch up with me. Doesnt happen all the time, but very noticeable.

Camera clicks over sharped images , Apple should bring a feature to turn off the auto enhancement

Battery life isnt the best iOS16 iPhone14Pro

Well i did experience a bug i don`t actually know if found this or not. I Am on IOS 16.0 with a new 14 Pro Max and in whatsapp (newest version) i accidentally pressed the "dictate" key on my keyboard Screen became unresponsive, only buttons worked, had to hard-reset

Much worse battery life on my iPhone 13

very bad man. my screen started flicking after updating to ios16 in grey areas like keyboard. this is my first iphone. i should have got the flip 4.

Had a bug where when I updated to ios16 one of the files got corrupted and now I have to go spend 400 for a fix that wasnt even my problem. yet again surprises me (currently using an iPhone12) basically Wi-Fi and BT dont work anymore :/

The battery is shit on all the iOS 16 models

Send me an iPhone 14, I`ll see if I can find any

The battery is empty in like 2h of using my iPhone 13 Pro. Its since I updated to IOS 16

This happens a lot in the camera Dont know if its only me but after iOS 16 texting been bit laggy

iOS 16 > previous version for my 13pm

io16 user here and every time I get a notification with Siri while having my AirPods in the Siri voice sounds distorted. Also my AirPods no longer have noise reduction, they now only amply surrounding noises and have a ticking sound.

The dynamic island is a big miss for me. Also, having much worse audio when connected to a brand new car than with my 11. Honestly, this was a downgrade more than I expected. If they dont get the software fixed soon our family may fully switch to Android again. Not acceptable

Sometimes my iphone would hang/stop responding while Im using an app and then kicks me out of the app and puts me on homescreen after some time Im an ios 16 user

The only issue I had with iOS 16 on my iPhone 13 Pro so far is battery life. I noticed quite a large drop there. But the rest is really good. I love the fact you can see the battery in percentage now

On iOS 16 if you have notifications on your lockscreen, its basically impossible to slide to the left to quick-access the camera. It thinks you want to scroll your notifications. So annoying

My system Storage goes up insanely taking up the entire phone storage. Comes down on restart and builds up again over 24 hours.

Cannot be charged after updated to ios16. Need to shut down, turn on and for many times and then it would charge. After force restart every night to get it charged , I use my samsung wirelss charger. Thought iOS 16.0.2 would solve this bug, but no. Im using iphone 12 pro They removed live wallpapers on the lock screen! Im really sad about that there was an awesome magic trick you could do with it. Happy to show you what it looked like for your vid if you want :)

None about issues. Catch a sight to this Woke up to my phone completely off and refused to turn on without doing the recovery process. Happened once. Other than that, its been decent.

It`s sometimes the smallest things. I love that the colour of the waveform in dynamic island matches the Podcast art.

iOS 16 has been ok, but there seems to be an issue with apps being able to run in the background unchecked. Had FB app, and box app run for hours in the background for no obvious reason.

13 pro here, and the Lock Screen widgets are something small that I have found super useful. Little reminders of things I need to do in a place Im constantly checking

Since the newest update, my hotspot stops working when I get a phone call

Big battery drainer.worst update i have ever used. Totally not expected from apple. Moving to android

iOS 16 has killed my 13 pro`s battery - 2 weeks in from 95% to 93% and not lasting a day proper with roughly 3-4 hour screen time

Too big. Bring back mini

I dont its bug or not but when try to unlock phone through password the clock & date stuck and then password screen overtake this look weird.

Everything was working fine for me. The only issue I was facing was about my battery health which started draining fast. I mean it has dropped to 3% since the release of iOS 16. But yesterday out of the blue touch screen and some apps started freezing. (1/2)

iPhone 12 Pro Max running IOS 16 user here. Ive noticed a small dip in my battery life. Instead of finishing the day with 75-80% battery, I now have between 60-70% at the end of the day. Also, my phone heats up more when charging. Other than that, its been smooth sailing.

The spotlight search is not instant anymore, takes couple of seconda

IOS 16 sometimes decides that the lock screen should be shown in landscape. I think in iphone 11 i saw ios 16 has made camera buggy and lagging nd battery life is going down

Do you think others will follow Apple by removing the SIM card from phones? I hope not.

Touch ID for App Store + iTunes downloads decided to turn itself off when updating from iOS 15 to 16 and I forgor the password (doesnt help that the Apple ID isnt mine cuz I dont meet the requirements) Also iOS 16 caused one of my apps to stop working + the patch aint out yet

The same as 13 . I wouldn`t buy it

Battery life isn`t that great iPhone 14 Pro / AOD on

Its the CarPlay. Has been issue.

Apple Music stops with playing music when connected to AirPlay devices

A lot of really annoying BUGS. Thank you Goo, sorry i mean thank you Apple.

Battery life is kinda not that good in iphone14 pro and there is more heat while charging the phone and I am not using it. In addition, I do experience a reduction in smoothness of the phone while charging and while having Low Power Mode turned on. Not sure if it is just me.

Ask Android users instead. They have years of experience with these "new" features

Janky screen tears (watch overlays and transitions on notifications) and broken charging/random system locks (iPhone 14 pro) are the main issues for me.

my keyboard is always lagging, and why the fck cant i see the battery percentage on the screen while charging???

iOS 16 is really really buggy I get green screen whenever I take pictures on my X. Most often, the camera refuses to open or capture any images at all

Activity video mode is amazing.

Bugs bugs bugs.. sometimes it wont show the date on Lock Screen, other times it wont show the keyboard on the search page. Heres a screenshot of that. Theres also bugs in notification stack (UI overlap) Battery life is horrible in iPhone 13 with ios 16

Focus modes dont let calls through even when phone is specified as an allowed app

F**** battery dies so fast and apple support suggest to change the battery as warranty alreasy expired Battery life is horrible. Dropped down after the update.

Still using an iPhone XR and updating to iOS 16 has absolutely tanked performance, but Im far far far too stubborn to upgrade. I loathe the idea of throwing a grand at Apple every September.

Look at this, happens sometimes when opening the mail app from a notification. Recently changed to IOS and it is a price of shit.

idk if its part of ios16 but since ive installed it my right airpod stopped working lol. apple wont take the costs

Man pixel 6 seems alot better right now. Seeing soo many bugs and complaints. wow. This is first time im seeing an apple product be this bad.

Cant open screen lock in landscape mode. iOS16

The phone hangs for 5 to 6 seconds when we change from back camera to front camera. This started after upgrading to is 16

My phone became a brick, it went on charge overnight and in the morning it hadnt charged (was 72% when went to bed and the same when I woke up). Had to do volume up/down reboot to get it working. Updated then to 16.0.2, no issues since.

iOS 16 is an absolute slog on iPhone X and below. Slow, battery drawing and an overall bad experience. I mama we dont even get depth effect!

Worse battery life than 13 pro Camera is takes time to focus and grainy on Snapchat

Skin tones are just too bad if you aint white. Camera just wants to whitewash everyones face

Iphone SE 2020: since IOS16 problem with the mic when dictating text message. Takes only half of the message (the end ) into account

They said on ios 16 edge detection in portrait would improve on iphone 13. But its so bad that my pixel 3a (3yr old) does it wayyy better. ios 16 does best edge detection for lock screen, but not in camera. That means Apple has the capability, but just doesnt want to do.

Battery draining faster in iOS 16

Ive had issues with new spacial audio on new AirPods and YouTube. Often the video continues but the timer doesnt move, then after a minute or so the video stops. You have to skip forwards/backwards from that stuck point a minute ago to resolve

Whenever I try to change my Lock Screen by pressing and holding I get hit with insane lag (unbearable) while shifting through them. It maybe because of a large no of highly customised wallpapers because I dont have the problem on other iPhones (the problem is in iPhone X)

Me and my best friends have the same problem (two 11 pro max, a 12 and a 13), battery drains faster, sometimes the keyboard just stops functioning for 1-2-3 seconds and then catches up but not fully, so if im writing while not watching my phone it just catches up 2-3 letters

Smooth seamless experience untill now

I think and collab to make ios16 for iPhone 14 series Premium xiaomi iPhone Feeling bad for those who are shifting from android to ios first time

iOS 16 bug that really sucks but Im on the latest public beta though. When the sleep focus kicks in at the scheduled time it keeps switching and looping between the sleep focus and the other focus mode I was currently on. Happens wayy too often and have to restart the phone.

Loads of bug, like most iOS big updates. Most annoying: why cant I take a 48mp photo without using the raw format? Just a regular HEIF?

whenever i unlock my phone sometimes a random app open on its on ..its weird

Ive never seen something so buggy from Apple. On the other hand, they seems to react faster on shipping updates this time.

Lmao after bro has been pressured so hard

Kind of disappointed it doesnt show the volume level on the Lock Screen when listening to music anymore. Such a small feature, but I miss it.

The only bug Ive noticed in my 14 Pro is the camera app freezing while I was an AEW show. When I took lots of pictures quickly it would lock up. And once during a video I was taking it locked up too

Dynamic island is very elegant and perfectly designed.

Theres a lag when locking the phone compared to iOS 15

Battery consumption has increased, there is some issue in WiFi as it keeps disconnecting again and again. BTW camera quality has improved especially optical zoom

Hey Marques, I am an iPhone 12 Pro Max user , And am using iOS 16 - no bugs and problems , all features are pretty much exposed - but I wanted to ask question should people with iPhone 12 and above upgrade to the iPhone 14 series , like is it really worth it ? Lots of love-Rajesh

iOS 16 user: While ur in photos on landscape mode u cannot access control centre it just bugs or glitches something and ur screen is now stuck in half portrait and half landscape r u good bro ?

Going to have to buy Raid for these dam bugs

On a IPhone 12 Pro and theres serious overheating and battery drainage

Do we get dynamic island feature for 13+ and below ?

Not sure if this is a Verizon thing, but I`ve been having multiple dropped calls.

The screen breeze often tuan before

The most fundamental thing on any smartphone - touch - has gone batshit crazy on my iPhone 12 after iOS 16 update. Multi touch doesnt register at times, copy-pasting text also stops working unexpectedly.

iOS 16 is full of bugs. The reports dont stop coming in

Twice time since the date it came, I had to breakdowns - cant doing anything. Just black screen and couldt restart it with hard reset.

Bluetooth stopped working from iPhone 14 pro max -> 2012 BMW. Camera shake is seriously messed. This was made on Snapchat camera. The lock screen keeps changing accidentally from my pocket

Keyboard laggy almost every time on my iPhone 11, since I updated to iOS 16.

Since iOS16/iPhone 14 Pro max i had a couple bugs, including phone calls not working, websites not loading though full 5G coverage, apps stalling. Hope it will get better over time with 16.x updates.

As a software developer I know how new releases work, why do people even update their phone with the release immediately. I update atleast 4 months after

Cant they fix this small stuff this irks me
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