iPhone or Google pixel?

August 18, 2021, 7:57 pm
iPhone or Google pixel?
iPhone or Google pixel?

tbh Id go for an iPhone, period.

Do not think twice I like both, but prefer the google pixel. The only thing stopping me from using one as my daily driver is the lack of third party camera optimisation

IPhone every 5 years.

Where do you live it`s so easy find an iPhone

Both are trash

Im iphone user since 2007, but battery life, planned obsolescence is so early and more things make me think to switch to Pixel5a

I got bored of iphone and switched it up lol.

I just got my girlfriend to switch from an iPhone to a Pixel and hoping she loves it as much as I do

Pixel. (Not because of android but, because it gives you freedom of choice)

IMO if you have spent whole lot of money with the apps in Android, go for Google Pixel. Additionally, if you get bored and wants to tryout some other Android phone youll be able to do it. With iPhone you are paying premium price for apple logo. Pixel 5A is nice and cheaper too

Pixel. But they have to stop following apples lead at times.

Google Pixel My Guy.. GoogleTensor for the win. Tensor TensorSoC Pixel6 Pixel6Pro

i think iPhone but i Love The Pixel phones anyway.

iPhone they come with battery life.

I would say Samsung, but... Pixel for sure!

For me is Pixel all day, iphones are good phones but extremely over rated.

Man get yourself a 9 5G .. best phone out in my most humble and most honest opinion .. every day I fall i find new reasons to fall in love with it more and more Google please launch pixel 6 in India

Depends... What other gear you use?

Iphone if you only care about blue messages and facetime, pixel for the rest

After all the privacy stuff going on with Apple, Im looking hard at the Pixel 6 Pro

Definately iphone. Pixels don`t launch in India.

Always Pixel. Don`t fall into the I product trap. They always behind

Google Pixel. Android is just better, in my opinion.

iPhone if you want an updated phone

A phone that still includes chargers with their phone

iphone nickel and dimes you, you have to pay for everything, they call them add ons. They want a credit card on file, they are always behind on kool stuff. Pixel will give you the same as iphone in terms of updates now, but more freedom.

I`m going to tell you to get an iPhone. Google`s attitude towards india is a major turn-off, I swear by pixels but my next phone will definitely be an iPhone.

Google Pixel, but I feel like you really can`t go wrong with either in the end

Going for the Pixel 6 myself

Google is always the best choice even they have the most useless customer support when issues happens workspace nest assistant I have iOS devices but google services. crazyshit iPhone into hands, Android into heart

Pixel 6 if made it available in India

I recently switched from Pixel 3a XL to iPhone 12 pro max, and with some different the iPhone is really good (I keep seeing the pixel 6 )

Like both but iPhone for me

Depends what you want it for. I wanted an amazing camera and a full day battery. I paid loads less for a Pixel and got some BOSE headphones. Loving my first Pixel phone.

TeamPixel forever

Well depends do you like to own a device where the company that made it doesn`t own you? Then choose a device, it doesn`t even have to be the Pixel. But the newer Pixel coming out is looking good.

Google Pixel. Every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

If in India ! Go for an iPhone ! Mind it, Google doesnt have any service center in India ! after sales services of Google are not that good in India. Google is not focusing India as of now.

Neither, OnePlus!!!

iPhone because Pixel phones arent sold in Portugal .

Why not Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 or the S21 Ultra

I have had both and love both if there was a phone that was the combination of the two I would buy that phone

I went from a pixel to a Sony Xperia 5ii but will definitely be going back to pixel next. Software is much much better

Definitely iPhone but if iPhones didnt exist Id own a Google Pixel or a One Plus (@oneplus)

IPhone and Pixel are great phones, but I prefer iphone because pixel choose mid-range processor.

Well I`ve had both. Obviously not the pixel 6 but had the 5. Pixel is the far superior phone but isheep will always be led by their idea that Apple making cutting edge tech iPhone are ideal for children & old people but if you want real tech you will need the pixel 6.

Google Pixel all the way bruv!!

Easy! Google Pixel.

Pixel Have Android and I love the launchers and I use APK And with android 12 I can use beautifull widgets But I live in Mexico and I dont have money to go to USA and buy it

If you have a Mac or an iPad I recommend you an iPhone. I had both and they are good. I think the environment you had chosen for your daily work could be the main reason for the decision.

Pixel for more flexibility. iPhone for \_()_/

Very happy with the Google Pixel !

Depends which model you gonna buy. Pixel 5a or 6 yes.

Of course Apple Pixel 12 XL

google pixel .. not a question

Which one has best Haptic feedback while typing message?

iPhones for the Blue Bubble and Video Processing. Pixel for everything else. That`s what it comes down to imo. Maybe the Pixel 6 changes the video side of things, but that remains to be seen.

Definitely Google Pixel

If you are in Brazil, IPhone for sure!

Stock Android for clear experience and iOS for stable performance! BIG NO NO!!! For a pixel if you live in a warm hot weather, is impossible to use it outdoor, get overheat so easily!!!

Pixel. Tweeted from iPhone too.

Neither Samsung S21 Ultra.

Both are great. I recently switched from Pixel 2 to iPhone. But I wanted the Apple Watch. And for me personally I prefer iPhone due they have better accessibility features for me as hearing impaired. Love also the Airtags which I can track without sound via arrow navigation.

IPhone is the best.

I am sure has the RIGHT answer. And I agree with it. TeamPixel Forever ever. Anything but Google pixel! Long time user of their products and they don`t take care of customers with their manufactured defects.

Pixel! Wait for the 6

What Pixel, the phone that`s not available in Norway at all? Just like the Chromecast with Google TV...

Google pixel for sure

Do you want to make the phone your own? Use the default apps of your choice? Create your home screen with the apps and widgets to your liking? Custom wallpapers? Have a phone OS that is more like a real OS? Or do you want to be told how to use your phone?

All depends on the budget and the patience.

Google pixel and iPhone are amazing it depends on what eco system you would prefer

It`s not that simple. 2 very different ecosystems. If you want plug and play within fixed rules, pick iPhone iOS (but which model?) But if you want both plug n play, as well as the creative freedom to make your screen look and do whatever you want, pick the Pixel (and Android).

If you own another Apple device, then iPhone

Google pixel, hands down

iPhone has the best ecosystem

Neither the best phones are by a country mile

I think you mean iPhone or Don`t get the P4. Worst decision, should have stuck with the P2

Google Pixel, no question

Its so hard to wait for the Pixel 6 Pro. I am ready to make the leap from iPhone

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