iPhone users

July 14, 2022, 9:54 am
iPhone users
iPhone users... If Apple is not going to make iPhones anymore and you can only switch to one Android phone brand, what brand would it be?

Id stop using a phone. I cant take the stress of even attempting to type on one of those pieces of absolute trash.

Google pixel no doubt

iPhone users are stuck in a time loop.everyone else is making better phones - Koreans and Chinese . But just like they continue watching star war sequels and prequels - each one being worse than the previous, iPhone users continue buying crap.

is the great. Only recently switched to iPhone but wouldve gone that route if it werent for price

Google maybe or Samsung

One plus is better than iphone

Huawei is the best. I repeat, the phone is very smart. I will use last released iPhone than a newest version of android!

The latest Pixel. I wasnt a fan of Android initially mainly because of its clunky UI and fragmented nature. But its grown into something actually beautiful; Android 12 is gorgeous & useful, and so Id like to pair the OS with hardware featured by the maker.

I will use the old models. I would rather use older models of the iPhone then use any other brand

One plus, but the best was one plus 7

there arent any IFs here. Chances of this happening are really slim. Take a look at Apple as a company

Pixel is the best substitute Ill find to the Apple Ecosystem in Android land.

Wouldn`t give my details to google if they were the only phone on the planet

If i could buy one threw my carrier it would be Sony Xperia. had one of their older models an man it was great. Then Sony couldt make deal with US carriers an there market share dropped. Samsung an apple gobbled everything up.

Redmi by Xiaomi . Ive used their product before and I highly recommend it. Always do.

Google Pixel. Id prefer the Google ecosystem to Samsungs.

Google Pixel, no question

Anything but Samsung! They only work well for the first year

samsun galaxy s22 regular one

i only use apple for the software support, but if i had to id say samsung because their the closest to apple in software support

The nothing 1 phone looks dope. - Google Pixel - Nothing Phone - Samsung Note - One Plus

Not a Samsung. Ive had one this year for two months and some things never grew on me. But idk the other brands. So next would probably be either Google or Motorola

Id rather go without

Definitely Google pixel will be my choice.

If NothingOS is Pure Android, then thats my choice. If not, some Google Pixel with CalyxOS installed.

Pixel is the best android out there

Pixel or OnePlus probably.

I am here for the Apple ecosystem.

Hard pass on Samsung. Sony Xperia, Google Pixel, or One plus are the only brands Id bother buying right now. Id lean heavily toward the Xperia 1 IV at this point.

Google pixel no hesitation

One that supports ios

Can we switch back to NOKIA 3310? I would be switching back to Nokia 3310 more than anything else.

Samsung, anything else is garbage, including iPhone

Undoubtedly Sony Xperia

Burner phone and ipad

Reject modernity, return to old Nokia 3310

Just stop using phones altogether or just use a landline aint no way Im using an android again

Clearly, its Google pixel XL 2

No brands that come near to apple

Ive had both and I definitely prefer iPhone. Especially if theyre going to start implementing Lock Screen ads.

Either Samsung or Pixel

It would be a Samsung S series with Snapdragon processor (not exynos)

Google or Oneplus maybe

Samsung. Only valid choice.

I am not an iPhone user. But I think Pixel or Samsung would be good choice.

Ill just go back to my Note so I can have anxiety about when im gonna lose the pen

Google Pixel 6 Pro then install CalyxOS or Graphine on it.

Phone performance is most important factor and not the brand.

I maybe choose to switch the Huawei brand

Gonna say Google Pixel just so that I get reply from Google

Dont know but never Samsung

I`d give Nothing Phone (1) a try!

All the apple fangirls crying in the comments and hating on things they`ve never tried

lets goo!!! No doubt
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