iPhone users

October 10, 2022, 3:51 pm
iPhone users
iPhone users... Would you switch to Android if Android phones can use iMessage, FaceTime, and other Apple services?

Samsung should bring "mov" file video... i would definitly swtich to android

Prob not only cause the OS is very consistent between the phones. Change is great and all but learning a new companies OS is crazy

Android can use facetime just not iMessage

I would if they use ios

Ive already decided my next phone when my 13 breaks beyond repair will be an android, probably a Galaxy Note. I dont care about having apple services but it will be hard breaking from them, though Im looking forward to RCS (@Apple , STOP BEING DIFFICULT AND ADOPT IT!)

Yes. Only the fold lol

If you have the money to afford a flagship device. Avoid android at all cost, the phone is frustrating, buggy and slow!

I dont really use Apple services other than Apple Music (and iCloud Drive storage but I have Google One too) What would get me to switch would be decent hardware and software integration with that hardware. Samsung comes close but they skim on features for smaller devices

i would switch to android only if i could boot up any android OS from a microSD card like a raspberrypi and major linux distros started developing an OS for this phone

youd have to eradicate the menus, within menus, within menus, within folders, and the glitchy rubbish response time. In terms of operating systems, apple has it locked down. I dont may iPhone users who went to android and were happy to stay with android.

Most of the votes are being casted by android users like me who can`t afford iphone

Well, i dont really care bout the apple services itself, for me its about iOS that makes the difference. I dont wanna miss out on that!

no, since i got both worlds. would never switch conpletely. 1st party apps are better on ios. even whatsapp. android is for users who want to customize more and wanna do some stuff like completely block ads, even in apps.

Im a longtime iPhone user. iMessage is (by far) the worst messaging system, I never use it. I rarely use FaceTime either. So theres your answer

If android become iOS? Yes

Never! Neither in this life nor the next one

YES - Android phone is fun to use with much more customization option allow user to do what they want, i love it NO - iOS is just the simplest phone OS to use and the longest support OS in old device in market now

Nobody uses iMessage or FaceTime in Pakistan. Yet iPhone is popular, due to better apps and cleaner UI, things just work.

I would switch back if android had decent animations and optimized apps and actually decent video recording capabilities and the insane standby battery drain the iphones have

tbh at that point they`d just be bootleg iPhones

I used to hate iOS, only switched to iPhone for iMessage, but within the past few years Apple has made astounding improvements. It is now my favorite mobile OS

No! Because of the horrible Android Os experience

I used android 10 years in fact last year I switched to iPhone because of there better capabilities- iPhone -60Hz its still smoother than Android 120Hz Android-108MP camera is lots similar to iPhone 12MP even iPhone video performance is best .my country (imass-face,t) unusable

Samsung fan boy from the start, a few things have happened recently so I`m patiently waiting on my iPhone arriving

In the UK everyone just uses WhatsApp anyway, so no, these things make little difference to me. It is the general look and feel of the platform that I prefer to Android.

Its a hard one for me just the quality in build on iPhone and app optimisation is incredible , but features and new tech is great on android Im torn between 14th max and pixel 7pro

tbh ios offers no features that are better than android. it`s just the stability and 1st party apps that are better tbh

Definetly. More options, more price variety, cooler designs

My parents use find my to check where I am so yea

Beauty of apple is ios

I try android few months ago after long time with Apple I switched back after two weeks like a iOS experience never will be on android.

No, I think a phone needs to be future proof and stunning when it comes to the design.

I use both platforms everyday so I don`t have such problems.

Android can use facetime tho

Without these app I dont switch

They already said in an email from the Fortnite trial that they will not bring iMessage to Android because that`s all they have left. If folks want to be locked in that gated community then they should stay there. Facetime is already on droid and most other things too.

Does this include the App Store as well? Android cant run all applications built for iPhone (such as mine)

No, I dont like the look of android phones , they feel cheap

Only if it has symmetrical bezel and a nice build unlike every Google pixel

Nobody carea about those

who the hell use those apps outside USA. I always remove those junk apps from iPhone including Map, Email. Unfortunately you can`t remove the Safari.

Definitely not! A crow, can not be a swan even after having showers for hundred times.!

There wouldnt be any reason to stick with apple anymore

I live in New Jersey and 90% of people I know using an iPhone, they use it just cause of it`s status (I got money) while they don`t have that status they`re just faking it, and my both android phones cost more than any iPhone lol, (s22 ultra and a z fold 3)

No. This wouldn`t resolve cross-platform communication. Google Messages, Meet/Duo w/ an OS like One UI & the Samsung ecosystem is comparable. We would gain the flexibility of "Android". But would still lose access to Apple`s ecosystem. It is a huge decision for some!

Probably yeah I aint even gonna lie

All Apple has that I want is iMessage. I wish they`d get on board with Google and RCS.

Id probably switch to the Pixel, but ideally Id be able to use my AW Ultra on Android as well. I do very much like this watch.

I`ll gladly switch to an android if I get something like the S22 Ultra for the same price I got my iPhone 12 (48k INR).

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