iPhone users: Android phones can`t compare to iPhones in

October 10, 2021, 8:59 am
iPhone users: Android phones can`t compare to iPhones in
iPhone users: Android phones can`t compare to iPhones in longevity, their flagships become laggy after 2 years Also budget Galaxy A5 from January 2017:

Its still not its original designed software this is still false advertising a lot of people dont even know how to load cfw on their phone and its obvious it has been tinkered some way it doesnt run like this on s8 one ui was designed for it

This is not stock android that comes with the device who are you fooling???

is that touchwiz or experience UI ?

Don`t know if anyone has owned a Galaxy A52 phone...you`d be amazed how smooth the UI is. For a mid-range phone with 90Hz refresh rate, that is something.

that`s with a rom. now show it on laggy stock :p

Or maybe we iphone users are so use to of the smooth experience thats why phones like this dont look smooth to us.. this can be the reason too

But its too slow ..

and if the battery health is 100% its still quite usable and smooth phone

january 2017 means iPhone 7 from 2016 era, still officially supported by iOS 15 and smoother

So you think thats smooth?

No you can get 6s for fine condition in 80$ thats the same case in my country even i bought and sold many times

If you dont think this is laggy asf youre deep into denial.

It is sluggish, I have a decent Android phone and an old iPhone 7 Plus... But when you type something on an Android phone (Samsung M31s), you sense the difference between clicking the screen and letters appearing in the text area. So the Android is laggy even brand new.

iPhone 6s Running iOS 15: *Laughs Hysterically*

Never heard about an iPhone user saying that android phones were laggy after 2 years. The difference is more the number of updates. I believe Samsung dropped support for that phone earlier this year

I have an iPhone SE I use for work that is from 2016 and it runs as smooth as my iPhone 13 pro it also runs runs the latest version of iOS what version of android is running on there like marshmallow or something?

Idk does seem as fast as my 13pro

iPhone users: not making videos like this.

what`s your point? it looks shitty and laggy

No way a5 got one ui

Meanwhile OG iPhone SE from 2016: Laughs in iOS 15

I phone users be like - why to use brain when we hv money !!

slow this down by 1000x a reminder galaxy A5 is a budget phone, not a premium priced iPhone. A bit unfair if you want to compare a budget phones to a premium phones

My note 10plus exynos is smoother , now what does that mean

Thats so Smooth lol

A 4 year old phone with 2 gigs of RAM running a new version of Android is smooth? Youre full of bruv

Ofcourse androids regular problems

Opened and closed the same app many times. They were already in the background. Also not heavy apps at all. Open WhatsApp and search for stickersI know android devices are very capable, but is the brands that dont want it.

This dude is cringe I lol

Try and pick up a 2015 iphone 6s. And you dont even have to factory reset it. And its also got the latest iOS!

How u call that not laggy

I mean that`s not slow at all, but I think we all know that Apple has the advantage to optimize older iphones smoother because they control the hardware and the software of the phone

Slowing down animation is not what smoothness means xDD

Yea running 4.0 is impressive.

Yeah you could get a iPhone SE for $80 on eBay and it would be much smoother

Funny argument with Apple folk is everyone even the content creators say you get "longer support" the issue is when you loose support on IOS that`s it Apple and the majority of the apps block your from the app store. On Android even a none up to date unit can use the app store.

this is nothing.

Is this the latest software or a Custom ROM? Idk if this home even got the android 11 update

LineageOS is available for this too for a manual update lol. A5`s are decent as the missus still uses hers.

From Brazil: My iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 1501 is working very well. Thank you for asking. iPhone6sPlus

The stereotypical iPhone user is a stereotypical hipster

Yeah its laggy lmao

Shush! When people find out that tech companies bake in "built in obsolescence" just so you keep buying their latest... (Doesn`t apply to entry or budget devices. Sure no security patches but they will only ever need battery changes to last FOREVER)

I`ve had my note 6 for 4 years it`s not leggy compared to my iPhone

I`m a Samsung fan, but that`s pretty trash LOL

Thats a laggy phone

Yes, I can confirm that. I got an iPhone 8 for around 150, iPhone 8 sells for around 80-100 and it`s much smoother than any android phone aged even 2 years. My dad`s S9 is laggy af, and let`s not talk about all old Samsung budget phones. A5 17 SUPER LAGGY, A8 18 - laggy

Thanks for the song My J5 from 2016 is smoother /s

That phone is like 8x smoother than my laggy A50

There you pushed the phone to the extremes

Try to flash something like crDroid or something, that thing is still fully up to date on my J5 2017 with August 2021 security patch. Androids definitely have better longevity. I mean, an SII can run Android 11 (poorly but it can)

Bought a Samsung Note 10+ 5G and iPhone 11 Pro at the same time. Guess which one out performs the other, never lags, has better connection, and better battery life? andriod

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