Is #Adipurush PS5 exclusive or it will release on

October 3, 2022, 4:13 am
Is #Adipurush PS5 exclusive or it will release on
Is Adipurush PS5 exclusive or it will release on PC as well ?

Should release on Pogo for sure

We want this game in playstore

Graphics se toh android game lag rha hai Adipurush DisappointingAdipurish disappointed

Is not ps5, it`s ps2

I think it`s PS5 exclusive

Only compatible with PS2 actually

As per rumours it will be exclusive for Xbox only. Adipurush

It`s mobile game,,,available on playstore and appstore

Exclusive for theatres to play

Pogo game app gonna launch specially for Adipurush and whitehat jr developers working on it..

Meanwhile, Team Bharmastra consoling Aadipursh team, humne bhi saha hai.. bhai kuch dino ki baat h.. seh lo..!! Bhramastra story line was poor but vfx were good and here its totally opp.

You are wrong... It`s a remastered version of PS2

bro that bgm in the last was just so good but the entire teaser was literally disgusting but yeah we can`t disagree the fact that prabhas hindi va is sharad kelkar and the dialogues looks promising, still have my expectations 0. Utterly disappointed in nintendo switch

Maybe also on Tata sky games.

Only console exclusive

Or Nintendo Switch exclusive?

PS5 wtf, graphics looks like PS2.

It`s PS2 exclusive Adipurush

Very sorry, it`s PS2 exclusive, you can run using pcsx2 in pc.

Xbox exclusive, can be played through Xbox live on pc

PS2 most likely. Because modern game graphics are much better than this

First time in your life you have a golden, Magnum Opus opportunity to go in the Theatre put 3d glasses and Play this Game

I think pc and consoles level ke graphics nahi hai

Well actually it`s PS3 exclusive

It`s only for Android devices

Looks like animated movie with real character

Let`s finish the battle between Adipurush vs Brahmashtra. Retweet for the disappointed cartoon VFX and like for the real VFX. I think it`s only for mac till now later they look on other platforms

Is your head hurt? It is ps3 exclusive PS5 has better VFX..OmRaut isn`t James Cameron or Spielberg to make mocap like Avatar and Tintin..500cr isn`t enough if so

Sir only for Mobile devices.

fitgirl repack has bought the piracy rights!!

Minecraft got better graphics than adipurush no

Comparing CG of Adipurush to PS5 or PC is honestly disrespectful.

It will be released on nintendo switch

I`m also thinking about this

Exclusively available to game pass holders.

Strictly for android users.

We were waiting for a banger for a long time, but successfully they pranked with us

Ps5 ??? Bro ps5 graphics are jaw dropping. Its a ps2 graphics

Yup on PC as well But u need Windows XP Dual Core processor

PS5 ? You mean PS2

Will be available on Play Store also

It`s only on Zee tv Saturday to Sunday 9:30 pm.

Disappointment 100

I want to know the price of Adipurush in pc/ps5 bcz it`s takes 500cr to made this Adipurush cartoon

Have u ever see stylishd ravan bro I think its ps5 exclusive

With those second gen console level VFX its a mobile exclusive at best

Actually ye smartphone exclusive hai

Ps2 or playstore maybe

Its actually Nintendo


stop disrespecting PS 5

Adipurush is a cartridge only release

Only available on Nintendo

Simplicity at it`s best. Jai Sri Ram Areee ye mobile pe bhi release horra Mann Adipirush indian gaming industry pe revolution layega

Perhaps on Nokia 3310 as well.

Sir ji it is Nintendo base game

Make it on playstore also :)

Exclusive on xbox series bhai.
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