Is galaxy a good phone vs iphone? Flagship yes,

August 9, 2021, 11:58 pm
Is galaxy a good phone vs iphone? Flagship yes,
Is galaxy a good phone vs iphone?

Flagship yes, lower variants is a coin toss.

I`m using Note series from long time , they are really good phones. They added powerful battery which lasts for a day,intelligent camera,amoled infinity screen,gorilla glass etc..

My phone is Galaxy S10 and it came with all I need at no additional cost, so I`m glad I have it

If it`s the flagship galaxy like S and Note series, yes. They are very good phones. Haven`t owned an iPhone before so I can`t really compare between the two but what I know is, it comes down to which one you would use more comfortably and easily. 1/2

over to you

Samsungs are great phones in terms of hard wear. But they are filled with bloatedware. It`s intolerable... If you want an Android ..I hate to say this.. go with Google pixel

It depends on which one, there are a bunch of models. Higher tier ones are a fairly similar thing but in the opposing ecosystem. The lower end galaxy devices are closer to what I imagine starter phones to be. I like the mid tiered ones, replace every 4 or so years.

I have had a few different Samsung Galaxy Note phones. I tend to have them for a few years before getting a new one. They`ve all held up well with no issues.

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