Is Parler still down? Or am I banned

January 19, 2021, 4:29 pm
Is Parler still down? Or am I banned
Is Parler still down? Or am I banned I can`t get onto it. Also, Gab, when I look for it in my Apps store, what does it look like - there are lots of Gab related apps. Thanks peeps x

Gab is great. Independent and uncensored. It`s not in the app store though.

Gab is on and off for me, just started using it after twat purge, clouthub is not bad sometimes when looking for opinions on certain stuff but its on and off too, you need to go through browser for both as banned on App Store I think

If you look on Gab`s site under apps there`s info on how to get the social mobile app

Yes its down; but not sure its trusted after the data harvesting leak... think the future is telegram and gab. Its also never going back on App Store as its a haven for right wing conspiracists

I joined Gab yesterday via a browser. Once registered, you can download the app from the site to your phone etc

Gab isnt an app. You have to go to your browser and put in Hopefully not. All Gab has from me is an email address that is untraceable to me. Parler was taking cc info, driving licences etc and this info was hacked.

Its no longer on goog or apple the have even taken down the servers

there is no app.

mate, it has its own servers. Bare with it though as it is slow sometimes but they are working on it.

Its just link

Telegram is the only one worth using... It`s alright once you get used to it

If you do Google search for Gab app for Android, or whatever you are on, it will give instructions. I`ve got it on phone now.

Me neither, I think its dead while they go through the courts. But I may be wrong.

Same duck duck go keeps saying browser cant open! Gab wont load properly I cant access either

Don`t think u will get Gab on the app store! Just go online to and join that way.

Parler is still down. Think theyre looking for new hosts but not having much luck Gab isnt on the app stores. Its OWA only: You can only access gab via a browser. No app, as apple and google blocked it a long time ago.

Gab direct to website (no app). Parler started using Russian servers.

They say Telegram is good, Ive just downloaded the app and learning how to use it.

Apparently will be back by the end of January. Gab - you need to do this via the web. Its slow - as a lot of people moving to it. its getting better as they buy in more servers. Another is Telegram. x

Just invite us all into your living room, fk social media :-)

There is no app for gab on the Apple or Android store. But you can install it from gab`s homepage.

I don`t think Gab have an app. I access through a web browser direct to the site.

Parler still down. Looking like might be next few days. Gab was banned from the app stores a couple of years ago, so it`s browser based only. I save it as a bookmark then add the icon to my home screen. Quick access like an app then.

Gab does not have an app on any mobile store. It is solely in web browsers.

is the address of the site

Forget Parler, it was harvesting data anyway.

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