Is something wrong with Sony? Why they stopped the

September 23, 2021, 7:39 pm
Is something wrong with Sony? Why they stopped the
Is something wrong with Sony? Why they stopped the Z and XZ lineup. Why did they stop making Tablets. Why did they stop making SmartWatch. Why did they dont own VAIO completely. Well now you know. Something is really wrong with Sony. Our voices needs to be heard. We need change!

The return of smartwatch

I believe Sony can easily beat Apple in the quality of the product, they just need to believe in themselves again. Maybe the Japanese company need to look inward and bring on new young talent with high end quality of old school philosophy and modern day innovative thinking?

I miss using Sony Xperia, Im using it since Arc and last ZCompact, then a few year later they stop selling Xperia in my country

Sony Xperia Z3/4 Tablets were top notch of tablet marketing. Waterproof rating I missed them

Even the prices of Chinese phones with high specifications are very close to the price of Sony. I think if Sony changed the marketing, everything would change

The marketing and sales sector for Xperia phones is bad. If sony provide similar marketing like other companies, Sony will sell millions of phones xperia 1 Mark 3 is a very powerful phone and did not get sales like other phones because of marketing, not price

Series 1, and 5 and 10 did not get popular because most countries of the world do not have these phones available in my country, for example, I cannot buy an Xperia phone because it is not available. I bought it online from another country, this is the problem

If this was done with the support of updating phones, watches and tablets for five years, Sony would be at the top

We don`t need Z series now or XZ Xperia 1 Xperia 5 Xperia 10 This series of new phones is beautiful, we just need a new tablet and a smart watch,and we need support and sale to all countries

Do you think Sony needs younger talent?

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