_______ is the most underrated iPhone feature

April 25, 2022, 4:11 pm
_______ is the most underrated iPhone feature
_______ is the most underrated iPhone feature.

This battery widget. No other operating system, not even macOS shows ALL connected devices battery in one BUILT IN widget. Handoff I think its apple wallet, As someone who swtiched to iPhone a couple of years ago, its far superior to anything android had when I switched, use it all the time, I think it`s the only thing I`d miss if I switched back

copy n paste between apple devices.

Their vibration motors

Using it as a telephone

Long pressing the space bar and moving the cursor on the keyboard. Great for editing text.

Physical mute switch. I`m praying Apple doesn`t remove that anytime soon.

Back tap and Animoji/Memoji ( android only have ugly rip offs of Animojis/memojis )

airdrop- its just fast af n easy to use

Airdrop > swoosshhh

3d touch too bad they killed it

Handoff: continue your work from your iPhone on other Apple devices. Works with tens of apps like calls, safari, messages

2FA text auto fill on keyboard, Apple wallet for tickets, vaccination and transit cards. I wish text scanning were better, Id use that a lot, but its not accurate.

Mac iPhone call integration

Copying something off from your phone and pasting on your Mac

Whoever came up with this for iOS deserves a raise Pasteboard synchronized with Mac

The physical silent button?

For those of you saying oh the auth code feature was on android first you must be struggling today. The question was what iPhone feature. It doesnt mean an exclusive iPhone feature. Features can be shares across devices/platforms, and often times are. Yall dense today

Triggering Android users is the most underrated iPhone feature.

you can put on Files something and its available on all your devices

Guided access. Works great for restricting anyone within an app, what they press and which part of the screen responds to touch. Perfect for kids

Copy and paste in cloud is good

The mute switch for sure because everything else is available on Android and then some.

Text look up definition & Auto Readers View in Safari

Inertial scrolling and instant pinch response

Sign In with Apple. Maybe not an iPhone feature specifically, but an Apple feature thats prominent on iOS. Other than that probably Airdrop or Universal Control

Copy and paste from a photo?? Pretty great IMO

Stand-alone vibrate switch

Wifi passsword sharing with people in your contacts - saved ages at grandparents` houses with long wifi passwords

The weird bugs in the calculator are underrated. People could die from eg incorrect drug calculations. Eg try AC AC +/- swipe x = on iOS 15.4.1 For life and death stories see Force torch back then..

iPhone is the most underrated iPhone feature.

Not being an Android phone. Unless an Android user is going to state that Android phones also have that feature? Somehow?

Probably AirDrop. You dont realize how amazing it is until you dont have it.

Force Touch, oh wait

Ill go with one of the recents, hide my email.

password manager integration, bitwarden/lastpass etc. Much quicker and smoother than the Pixel I use now

Drag and drop FaceID. Ask Android users like me. It totally sucks on Android

Definitely 3D & Haptic Touch

Efficient software, good battery life, good standby time

the silent mode switch

3D Touch the keyboard to move the cursor and select/deselect words or phrases

Privacy protection with iCloud +. Btw android doesnt has this because google dont want you to protect your privacy

password save with inbuilt 2FA ..just works seamless with apple ecosystem Cross device copy paste

3D touch. So underrated even Apple forgot to include it in its recent phones.

Back tap. People use it so less!

Sending the flight number which when clicked, can be tracked

Drag and drop Overcharging (was there way before wireless charging)

Im a huge fan of airdrop, screen recording, Apple Cash (texting cash without going to a third party app) and Apple Pay. Dont know if they are all underrated but they are definitely my favorites.

EDiTinG yoUr HoMe ScrEEn

Tap on the clock or battery icon to go on top of the page

Reading mode on Safari. I know Firefox, Edge etc have it, but so far, nothing has worked as well for me.

Universal Scroll to Top when tapping on top part of screen.. Its the main reason I cant stand using Android

Continuity between macbook and iphone is just unreal

i`d have to say the mute switch! i kinda miss it on the iPads if i`m being honest.

Why is everyone in the comments is like "android does that". We get the point bro. Android does a lot but so does iOS. If you actually read the original tweet, it`s the most underrated iPhone feature. Most of us don`t give a damn if "android can do that".

Dont know if underrated but I love Shortcuts.

Code from messages! Copy and paste between Apple devices.

Showing 9:41 on each and every screen

Ability of Jailbreak

No nonsense bathtub Notch

AppleCare System wide gestures like drag and drop(text,images) in between apps

Tap top of screen to scroll all the way to the top of pages.

My 6s still runs well enough. That is an awesome feature imo.

This bbbitch right here you can be in a coma but if that shitt went off youll wake up right away Speak Selection / Speak Screen

Having an iPhone is the most underrated iPhone feature

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