Is there a way to stop this notification? I

September 28, 2022, 9:59 pm
Is there a way to stop this notification? I
Is there a way to stop this notification? I cant update it too

I guess you can still put ur phone on flight mode and use wifi to update iOS which wont allow you to get a new gevey or ask him to update so u can get a new gevey

He only suggested the best solution

Change your phone.

He say what?? I no Dey see

Why you dey use iPhone 4c anaa ?

Update it it wont spoil its when you erase or rest everything to default that way it will go back to locked !!!

Ma sis who ever is telling u not to update is lying to u. iPhone 6 updates iOS to 12 and not beyond.. iOS 15 sef is not damaging 6s and above na iOS 12.. pls update and all ur apps will work perfectly wai..

Youre a celeb someone will dash you some after seeing this

Who buy the iPhone for you , I think dad right

Why not? Which phone is it?

Just remember me when you get a new phone.. which will be very soon

Dash the phone to me erh

Dont get you ??

Please get a 6s, you can swap your 6.

Update your phone

Prolly geh a new one then its version is fading away

iPhone 6 anaaa? Dem say apple wan use am do Apple remote

Learn more you understand, why your mom send you to school, you dont know and you want to use iPhone 13

Just buy a new phone

Oh madam. iPhones dont cost. The 14 is out so the lower ones has lower prices atm

So you cant update to iOS 12

Same phone you using maam

iPhone 6 last iOS update is iOS 12 it cant go up again its 6s and 6splus that u get iOS 15

IPhone 6 foc

Nerh buy it might not on again or the screen might give u problems

Just create gofundme to acquire a new iPhone. I will solicit for funds for you.

Go ahead and update am .. nothing fit happen .. I just finished updating mine

Which type of iPhone is that ?

My sister just update your phone it wont come again unless there another update

Come to my house and let me show you

Change the phone err Yaa

Yeah. Probably , the update won`t be compatible with your phone specs

I tear

Use WiFi to update

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