Is there some kind of like Kindergarten guide to

August 11, 2021, 2:01 pm
Is there some kind of like Kindergarten guide to
Is there some kind of like Kindergarten guide to buying TVs. Like if a tv is internet enabled do I still need a Roku? I need all the MOST simple information to buy a couple of TVs that we will use for streaming/movies/rabbit ears.

Check The best TV deals show up there.

I like my Android tv, it`s linked to my Google account and has all of my streaming apps directly on the tv. A Roku TV was my other top choice, this one was just on sale. I like that smart tvs eliminate the need for extra remotes/things plugged in.

Thank u 4 asking this! Ive been half-shopping 4 a TV & its a whole new world of features since 2011. Firestick is what I use w/ my older TVs. I thought new TVs came w/ apps installed & you sign in? A firestick risk to consider is if guests bought or rented movies w/ ur account

Regular tv (no internet) + Roku/Fire Stick/Google TV or Smart TV no add on needed. If you are going to subscribe to a streaming service it gets a bit more complicated as the services are fighting and don`t always support each other`s apps.

I would also agree a Roku tv or regular tv with a roku-Apple Tv would be best. We used a Samsung tv recently and it was so difficult to navigate.

Id get the Roku/similar even if your tv is internet enabled. My DVD player was internet enabled & had apps, but eventually the apps stopped being compatible w/ the player & I couldnt use them anymore

Lets get a Roku TV where its built-in

No. You just need a way to connect them. They then connect to the internet.

This is a really good question. It has come to my attention that I no longer have any clue how to buy TVs and that makes me feel ancient.

I HIGHLY recommend one with Chromecast built in instead of Roku. My Roku is the worsttttt

I have a Samsung and If it is a "Smart TV" it will have apps included or downloadable (Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, etc.), so you wouldn`t necessarily need a Roku.

I suggest getting a Roku, Fire Stick or Apple TV anyway. They often have more options than the TV itself (in my experience).

These are the $250 and under decently rated ones via Consumer Reports.
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