It doesn`t matter what we tell in a review

October 5, 2022, 3:45 pm
It doesn`t matter what we tell in a review
It doesn`t matter what we tell in a review. Majority of consumers want bt calling, BP, Temp, SPO2 on every low budget smartwatch launched. They won`t use it and don`t care about quality or accuracy. They just want all those features and under 2k or 3k budget.

Our research conclusively shows, time & again that consumers are ok with a device that looks like a smartwatch, has features of a band at the price of a band. Exactly what Indian brands are doing very successfully. For most, smartwatch is unnecessary, complicated & expensive!!

This is the reason I don`t prefer buying budget segment smartwatches. Why should I need a calling feature in a watch (subjective) despite having a full sized smartphone in my pocket. Personally I intend to spend that amount (6k to 7k) in buying casio. (Not about activity tracker)

Matter of trend. e-waste in 2 years.

true. If really want to buy a device, consumers should not buy blindly by seeing a review. Need to experience in the store and can buy online or offline only if they like the product.

Like wise they want 4 camera in phone

It`s similar to having more lenses in a phone. They might not contribute to the image quality, but it does help in elevating your social status. Especially in the budget segment, features and looks matter the most whereas functionality/accuracy takes a backseat.

I think it`s more for bragging rights than anything else. "Hey look my watch can do 30 different things. Even Apple Watch can`t check BP."

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