It`s 2021 and people still think you need a

July 20, 2021, 7:14 am
It`s 2021 and people still think you need a
Its 2021 and people still think you need a degree to become a developer. You simply dont. Learn online or via a boot camp. Build things. Apply for jobs. Get hired.

I didn`t have a degree or prior experience. I did go to a part-time full-stack bootcamp. I also coded everyday and worked with two mentors. It was all very worth it! I`m a Full-Stack Dev now.

Yes . Right with you

It depends. If you`re building web apps, sure. But if you are designing a distributed file system, then No.

I`m a javascript developer thanks to you. With a poor internet connection back then in Cuba and your book in my table I got hired few months later for a European company. You are very welcome to Spain, my friend. Thanks again.

Worked 6 years in banking Learned iOS and Java development online Created a couple iOS apps on the App Store as my portfolio Networked into a software job Went from junior dev to senior to director to VP Eng to CTO at my own startup. Sky is the limit in software

If you like my tweets, you`ll love my emails! I send weekly (give or take) emails about: * JavaScript * Coding * Tech * Careers Join almost 8k happy subscribers: Exactly This is interesting. Most, if not all, of my research relies on working with developers, more than one per project. However, my university puts a salary cap depending on their degree, regardless of their expertise. Not cool.

Im a proof of that, no degrees, a background of 6 years working in One day Ive learned mobile development online and my life changed forever

As a guy with a degree, without shame I can confirm that you don`t need a degree at all to become a developer. There are faster and cheaper ways to get prepared for the dev industry.

Im currently in college but also, training myself through Udemy to be a developer. I set a goal for myself to have a developer job by December, and Im hoping I can accomplish it. If that is the case. Im planning to complete my associates then not going back for my bachelors.

Is it that straight forward?

Agree, and this works perfectly fine.

I agree but I dont think a CS degree hurts.

Yes! No need of degree, only experience + good work!

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