It`s been almost a month since we did the

July 11, 2021, 4:50 am
It`s been almost a month since we did the
It`s been almost a month since we did the last Tech Q&A Session. So let`s do it today.... please post your tech questions below will try to post it by EOD or by tomorrow. Have a Happy Sunday :)

What are your thoughts on OnePlus throttling performance of popular apps like Chrome, Instagram etc.? Do you feel there could be also an angle that no one is talking about, that of promoting native Chinese apps instead?

Do you follow football ? Which Team do you supporting to win Euro 2020 ?

Hello renjith sir 1)do you think LPDDR5 uMCP is the future of Mobile phone . 2) Is there any chance of Non Chinese brands can regain there glory in future Smartphone race?

Which company introduced the alert slider first time?

Its leaked that the new Google`s pixel6pro may have pOLED display. Can you pls give a brief about the past history of the phone which had it and the drawbacks if any.

Sir as poco f3 gt and 1+ nord 2 is going to launch, on which device will u expect better performance and experience??

Samsung Charging a premium earlier was justifiable due to their software. But now they give ads and install bloatware via OTA updates. They don`t have an edge either in software or hardware compared to Chinese OEMs. Should we really pay more for samsung if we can?

I asked this question in previous Tech Q&A Session tweet but I was late to reply. Can you address the same question this time? Hi Ranjit, mobiles in buget can go with smaller size display even if it`s LCD at full hd+ resolution is good right. Why manufacturers are opting for bigger displays like 6.55 inches even though mobile launched in budget category

Sir, do you think will launch their pixel6 or pixel6pro in India? and what`s your opinion on the leaks and rumours about the same?

What should be the real criteria to upgrade your phone!??

When/Will S21 FE launch in India? And would it be powered by exynos 2100 or sd 888?

Hi sir, your chanel has a 3mil+ subscribers, and ur videos have views ranges from 150k-300k only on an average. Is it because of MCN? Or the corporates trying to minimise ur views/reach because of u being honest?

Hi Ranjith bro, regular follower of your content, Would love to hear your Top 5 pickings based on *best Camera with best Battery backup mobiles in 2021*

Good TWS under 10k?

hi, I`m planning to buy samsung s10 lite, is it okay to buy now or i should buy samsung s20 fe 5g?

Why Samsung is selling its Exynos Flagship phones at higher price in India even if they are manufactured in India? Eg S21 Ultra : 1099$ in USA and 1500$ in India

In future can android phones mainly Samsung (With help of Microsoft) will be able to form their ecosystem like Apple?

Will the new OnePlus nord and poco f3 gt powered by dimensity 1200 will get custom rom support? Any chance that mediatech changes its strategic with its new dimensity chips?

Bro what`s your thoughts about Google whitechapel SOC

What are ur thoughts on bugs on miui after all all the latest updates still many bugs found And why company are not focussing on optimization and also only adding new features on smartphones with updates like latest miui 13 update,Without proper optimization

When 5G network will come in INDIA?

People are more shifting towards having a flagship smartphones like apple samsung.. whats your take on this.. is it worth or just satisfaction?

Do you think that realme should given 3 major update and 4 years of securtiy updates

Hey Ranjit sir, Can we use android tv 7 to 8 years because android smartphone hardly use for 2/3 years and slow down hang many more issues and we bound to change the device so can android TV last long for 7/8 years plz answer my questions because I recently buy Sony android TV

What will be the maximum amount you will be spending to buy a smartphone? (If you are not a Tech Youtuber)

Whats your take on 5g...which iphone one should buy a 4g or a 5g one if one plans to use it for 2yrs

Hello Ranjit Sir Greetings, My question is if you were given a budget of 50k and you are very tight on this budget which smartphone would you buy for your personal use? Also why wud u opt for the same! Please Answer!

Is it good to buy iphone12 right now

Seeing the ads and bloatware in mid range smartphones I get discourage to buy the same..only Google phones left with a clean layout except OnePlus. When can we expect a new Pixel 5g in India Sir ?

Now since Oneplus has also declined in quality and pixel isnt that famous in India, do you think eventually most people would look to shift to the iPhone, as it provides a smooth and stable software experience...?

Now due to buggy software updates don`t you think companies now stopped updates for lower or mid range devices.. Bcoz we purchased device on based of reviews and that time device is ok but after updates we faced most of times bugg.. So your thoughts..???

When it comes to Smart 4K TV`s, Is budget segment including Redmi , OnePlus, Realme & Mi TV`s better than Samsung and LG`s? Not including Sony since it way more expensive. Eg. OnePlus TV 50 inch, is it better than Samsung Crystal Pro 50 inch? Hope you take a TV query

What would be the best processor phone below 25k ?

Hi Ranjit, Hope you are doing well. Please suggest me a best phone to buy under 40K.

Your Thoughts on these claims sir???? Is there any smartphone in India that supports mm waves??? and Because of less 5G bands, will we at least get slow 5G or it mightn`t support 5G at all in some areas or both???

Recently I started seeing negative talk against you that you are biased towards Samsung and always try to defame OnePlus. I don`t/can`t believe it though. Can you please clear this / answer to those who are in misconceptions. Sometimes it`s needed to clear the black clouds

Sir, please suggest me between Realme Buds Air 2 vs Realme Buds Q2. Or any other best TWS under 3000 with good sound quality and battery life in buds.

Any intention to enter the podcast world? If not, please do.

Average temperature of your Wifi router ?

1. You always doing full review for OnePlus nd other brands.. keep blashing them...but why are you not doing any full reviews on Samsung devices(particularly midrange)(1/2)

Sir, your thoughts on android go on jio Google smartphone.

Why is there a decrease in the number of `Android one` smartphones? Because, if I remember they used to provide a very good package with a clean software experience and guaranteed android updates.

Why none of the reviewers suggest pixel phones...I am using pixel 4a which is very good for as daily driver

These days smartphone`s companies are providing 64MP, 108MP camera with amazing pictures and video quality, whereas CCTV camera`s still using the 0.2MP to 2MP camera, why they are not providing good quality CCTV camera?

Thought about what to choose as a custom pc build intel or amd? If the chip shortage goes down and the regular prices are again maintained what will be better? Thinkong about getting the new ryzen 5 or core i5

Your thoughts on Android 12 ?

Which mobile is best in overall scenario at about cost of Rs.30000=00 and also will be launch in near future for which have to wait, please suggest.

Hello, please take this question. Lately, the prices of iPhone and Samsung`s flagship are almost similar specially in case of S21 and S21 Plus competing with iPhone 12. Considering resale value, Software updates etc., is it still worth to buy Samsung over Apple?

You are giving more attention to the Iqoo mobiles. I didn`t see a killer phone in that. Maybe they are better compared to few Phones. As a tech follower of you.. I want you to clarify on this. Don`t get me wrong.

Dear Ranjit, Wanted to know your opinion on Indian smartphone literacy, because I have seen many innocent people buying garbage smartphones at very high price which will not work properly even for an year, just because they don`t know about smartphone specs and importance?

Why there is no ANC in wired earphones?

Can you please suggest some budget range monitors for work from home?

I`m looking for a smartphone in premium segment which brand is reliable SAMSUNG OR APPLE ? I`m oneplus 5 user used it for 3 years ..

Hey Ranjith why are you not doing giveaway, well all others are doing it.

I`m looking for a budget sound bar. Something between 5-8k. Which one would you suggest?

Asus zenfone max pro m1 stable android 10 update kb aya ga.

Should I buy Nokia Purebook? Or any other laptop recommendations under 50k?

OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8 pro Which one is best to buy? Both pricing are same So I request you plz suggest me... I m normal users... My budget is 50k

Sir is it a wise decesion to buy Realme X50 pro for 25k as I feel its very practical device with Snapdragon 865 & that too without that useless 2mp cameras instead compared to this years new launches. Happy Sunday to you too !

What do you think about custom android ROMs like Pixel experience? Since the software on all the phones are equally terrible at this point filled with ads and bugs. On the other hand Pixel experience literally gives software updates each month with immediate fixes for bugs!

Thoughts on Budget & mid range laptops(35k-55k) cons are:- average battery life, avg display, heavy weight (upto 2kg) why???

Do we get a better router with jio fiber 1 gbps connection like airtel xtreme fiber ??

Hello Sir. Hope you`re safe and fine. My question is about the status of electric vehicles in India. How much time do you think it will take for India to have a full fledged electric vehicle transportation system? During initial days, what would be it`s affordability?

Hi , I`ve been told that OnePlus phone`s oxygen OS will be replaced by color OS soon. Is that true ? And what are the other major changes that we can expect post this merger between OnePlus and oppo.

Sir which laptop will u suggest for a student who wants to game as well as use it for study purpose.The laptops I have in mind is asus tuf A15 2021 , dell g15 ryzen edition , legion 5 2021 lineup , hp omen ryzen 5000series model.Sir also try to put a review for asus tuf A15 2021

Which Ryzen processor is better between 4700U and 5700u my requirement is software development using visual studio 2019

Howz the lenovo flex 5 laptop`s keyboard compared the Thinkpads?

Is it good to replace battery in older android smartphones? If there aren`t any problem with the smartphone. In my case I have a OnePlus 7t whose battery is draining pretty quickly. So, should I replace the battery or not? Also compare it with the iPhone battery replacement.

Hi ranjit, I wanted to buy a printer for home use. Can you suggest me a good printer in the cost range of 10-12k?

Ranjit sir, can you please talk on how brands are increasing prices of thier phones after the launch event on regular basis.

I am looking for a smartphone. confused between Realme 8, Poco X3, and the Moto G40 Fusion+. I haven`t used any custom skins to date. Further, it doesn`t matter which brand I choose I will be using custom ROM after a year. Not a camera guy, want a great user experience.

Best phone under Rs.50000 camera is priority .....please guide

I have noticed my phone works fine while playing pubg but is extremely slow while using basic apps such as google , youtube,chrome etc. I use a redmi note 5 pro. Can u suggest a phone i can buy and use for 6-7 years below 30000 since most phones tend to slow down after 2 years.

Sir why realme is removed decimal charging functionality in realme ui 2.0 for some of devices??

It started with sub brand of brand and now they doing sub OS of OS, why? Why do you think about the crazy prices of PC components such as graphics card and processors... Has made it impossible for a common person to build a rig....

When can we expect a generational leap in smartphone photography? I own a Huawei P30 Pro - a camera monster. With enormous sensors starting to come in (MI 11 ultra), when will DSLR be replaced (not literally but referring to the evolution of smartphone photography)? Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on chip shortage? Will it end soon and do you think smartphone and laptop prices will go down any time soon?

Can OnePlus survive again and can we expect a good phone again from Samsung like Samsung M51 with all the requirements we want. Please pick my question sir

Is there anything we can do against these companies pushing ads? Whats your comment and recommendations to youth regarding all these kind of unethical practices in society, not only in tech world, but entire system in country including political and GOVERNMENT.

Sir, I Am A Budding Editor & I Am Planning To Purchase An Edit Setup! I Already Have The 2017 MacBook Air! Should I Upgrade To The M1 Air or Go With A M1 iMac Setup. Also Give Me Your Suggestions For It`s Best Respective Configurations At The Time Of Purchase!

Is it better to take IPAD PRO M1 ? Some foreign reviewers are saying that they have returned there IPad due to IPad OS 15 update. Please tell ur opinion on that.

Sir oneplus buds z grey colour kaise rahenge......worth it to buy hai kya ......2500rs. Please pick my question

Make a video on iot products or iot home

What`s your take on OP Nord 2 going for mediatek processor ?

AskRanjit sir. How are you sir? I just wanted to ask that can`t smartphone companies charge a bit more (like 1000/-) and give a cleaner software experience? Also, which is the best Wi - Fi Fiber?

Sir can we expect unboxing of mi 11 ultra

What are your thoughts on smartphones companies acknowledging their product faults and bugs? Most of the time companies didn`t pay attention to what users are complaining untill it is raised by big voices. Which company handles these types of cases best? AskRanjit.

sir Google pixel 5a in India you have any update ..why Google don`t take Indian market seriously ..btw loved your videos

What are your rough thoughts on Google`s own chipset? And in which slot would it compete against Snapdragon lineup?

Very Sad to Say, PubG india is having many Glitches... Even during the game and Match Making. What`s the exact configuration for the Game? Also Suggest some good phones for playing PubG and For regular Use... under 30k will do gud.

Sir don`t you think the Google dialer n Google messages trend in new phones nowadays should change. Earlier it was so easy to do call recordings or to delete messages from notification but nowadays it has become so complex.user should be given an option to chose while setting up

HI ranjit sir hope you are doing well.i have one question that among windows and mac os which has more intutive and attractive ui how much time a windows user will take to set his hand in mac computers..and what should be the ideal storage for macbook for a medium user..

Do u think Nord CE got unnecessary hate bcoz it did nt live up to d standards of a OnePlus phone or the expectations? I think it`s a decent package. Not many phones provide amoled display with clean UI and a good(750G manages most of the task) performance as a package.

When do you think the Pixel 5A will release in India and at what price point.

Hello sir.. I`m a android user which is the best premium smartphone to buy? Budget is not concern..

I have 50k budget. I`m planning to buy a smartphone now. I have few choices which one should I choose from? iPhone 11 or OnePlus 9R or Samsung s20 FE?

With iPhone mini low sales numbers, what do you think is the ideal phone size in the market right now?

best phone to buy under 25k or should i increase my budget a little

i-phone 11 vs i-phone 12 comparison video

Microsoft has said that, with Windows 11, it wants to be at the centre of our digital life. In a way, Apple and Google are trying to do the same and they also have their Smartphone OS while Microsoft doesn`t. Do you think Microsoft will be successful in its mission?

1) why phone battery is measured in mah but laptops battery in Wh? 2) why can`t we have 4k webcams and punch holes in laptop

These days most of the devices (Except some premium segment) are coming with large and bulky screen size and weight respectively. Shouldn`t vendors launch compact sized devices in the midrange segment? geekyranjit askranjit

Is your iFFALCON TV still running great Is that sub-branded TV as good as Original TCL itself

Hey Ranjit Sir, You know these kids are using smartphone for their studies. Please suggest required settings for their safety.

Should I go with a 30k android smartphone and use custom ROM (Mi 11X) or buy iPhone 12 in a sale ?? (Asking this as I have to use my next phone for at least 3 years)

Moto G30, Nokia G20, redmi note 10, poco M3, Redmi 9 power. Which one would you suggest in a price range around 12k? I want to gift it to my parents.

Is Windows defender good enough to prevent from malware and virus? If one uses torrent then is it risky to depend on windows defender only? What`s your favourite anti-virus if you want to recommend me?

Do u think in india as of now only s21 series and iPhone 12 are the all rounder and best smartphone as of now cause had all 5g bands And other companies like oneplus are giving only 1 5g band and crapy cameras

Please suggest a good android midrange phone around 15k with clean android experience. No ads.

As Chrome OS has 7 years of updates & supports android apps, why don`t we have Chrome OS on smartphones?

Should I buy Iphone 11 from Amazon at offer or from Apple store? I see so many negative reviews in Amazon about defective pieces.

I am looking to buy a 2 in 1 Ultrabook. Budget is around 50-65K. Should I go AMD or Intel as an option? Which Ultrabook you would suggest in that price point?

Hi , How much money you earn from YouTube? Also, do you also have some other business of your own? Curious to know what are your sources of income?

How important are the s/w updates for a phone. Dose it matter if a phone is working pretty well and not getting any s/w update. And which one would you suggest One plus 8t(as it is cheaper now) or the 9r

Why aren`t samsung india launching their laptop lineup in india?

In the hardware department chinese mobile companies better than samaung and other mobiles by the priceing and in software department these samsung and other companies will better by priceing and finally which will you choose by pricing these samsung and others or chinese companis

MacOS vs Windows??

Difference between USB and thunderbolt (USB4, 3 etc)

What are your expectations from the upcoming jio-google 5g smartphones? Can Jio would be able to compete with Chinese brands? And is now the value for money smartphone have shifted to 20k from 15k?

Hello sir, as OnePlus has started making upper mid-range phones, do you think they will go down to the 10-15k price? If yes, do you think that the clean OxygenOS will start getting ads & bloatware like Redmi & Realme?

Does no of 5G bands depend on the processor in smartphone?? E:g SD 778 G has 2 bands (iqoo z3) and Dimensity 700 has 5 bands (realme narzo 30 5g)

Sir I m using realme 3 pro 4;64 gb, 2.5 yrs old n still doing well for regular usage but the redmi note 10 pro 8 ,128 which I purchased in 2021 is nowadays performing not as smooth as that with better specs then that. Sir what do you think about phones from 2019 vs 2021?

I`ve been using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and didn`t really like anything else until Asus 8 was announced. Your thoughts on this new device?

(for students)Is iPad mini 5 is still best in 2021 or Should we wait for iPad mini 6 which is rumoured to be released by the end of this year?

Question Regarding Moto Phones... Moto is having Stock android. Others have its own ROM ? then why it is taking so much time to build next version of Android and taking time to roll out to user ? I don`t think much customisation needed in moto`s android os.

thoughts on the upcoming Pixel 6 lineup and will you be reviewing them?

I have OnePlus 7t I lost my Widevine L1 support now the security level of Widevine is showing L3. I have checked in DRM info.. Netflix and Prime video I can`t able to play in HD..I didn`t expect this from OnePlus..

With the mid range phones (b/w 12-30/35k) giving an unpleasant user experience, what is the available option for a person who wants a no/minimal ads phone but doesn`t want to shell a bomb ? Say main work is productivity, occasional browsing, music and decent camera

What is the main reason for you, in case of using the mac. Why did you chose the mac over the windows?

You have criticised OnePlus a lot lately and they do deserve some of it. However, when I look for a bloatware-free sub 40k phone that gives close to flagship level performance, I don`t see any alternatives. Would you agree?

Ranjit Sir, does Dizo GoPods D support `AAC` HD Audio Codec like Realme Buds Q does?

Why the companies(except nokia) are not opting for Google`s android one platform? At least one of their devices must have it.

What are your thoughts about the budgetmidrange smartphones baked in ads & bloatware.Even Samsung is now adding bloatware via updates!What do you think we can do about it?Buying low spec stock android phones isn`t a practical solution.Custom roms are also not a practical solution

Rapid Fire questions! 1.)90Hz IPS LCD or 60Hz sAmoled 2.)Mediatek or Qualcomm 3.)Quad camera setup or Main+Ultrawide dual camera setup 4.)Plastic or Glasstic or Metal(vanished in budget segment) 5.)Nokia UI(Android 1) or Moto UI 6.)More mAh or less mAh+Better Battery optimization

With Samsung pushing ads in their high end smartphone and Motorola, Nokia missing in the premium segment, isn`t Pixel the only go to android mobile!

Why pixel mobiles are not launching in india? Any specific reasons? Nowadays stock android experience is almost less. Your thoughts sir

If Dimensity 800U and 700U both available at same price which one should consumer pick ?(Rest of the hardware almost same)

Best smartphone with near stock android or stock android in India right now?

As Oneplus is no more a flagship killer, does Google has a very good opportunity to capture the mid range market if they provide aggressive pricing with their pure android experience

As apple spiced things up with M1, it seems like every other manufacturer is trying to jump on ARM bandwagon. How long does it take for the industry to completely switch from x86 to ARM? And does it make sense to buy an x86 based pc now?

Sir, I wan purchase good flagship mobile. After watching video am confused whether to spend 80k for iPhone or other.. which will be good mobile for me as am General user.

Are premium television (samsung/LG) really worth and reliable compared to cheaper versions(Vu/Iffalcon/Mi)

Sir..can u plss make a comparison between fiber and airtel fiber...bcoz, u have experience both of it. If u can..that will be good for many viewers like me.. Or just say the (Qna) video

What do you think about using custom ROMs in phones,we can use it phones which are old or have buggy softwares.Have you ever used a custom ROM in a phone.?

Should Google step in & strictly ask OEMs to provide custom skins that doesn`t hinder with the stock android experience & only provides useful customisation options; rather than heavy buggy custom UIs & if they don`t follow, stop Google & Android services to those OEMs..??

Amazon fire stick vs DTH operators (Airtel, Jio) setop boxes, Which one is better option ?

What do you think of this silicon and GPU shortage, is crypto mining is the main reason for the shortage?

Why there is no tpm in high budget laps like my dell g3 where as my old dell lap(intel Pentium) consists tpm ?

Since the UI of many smartphone companies are filled with full of bloatwares, should we root are phones?

Im interested in buying m series macbook, waiting for m2 or m3. Could global chip shortage cause increase in prices, whens best time to buy? Also is it true that m1 has some ssd degradation problem? Thanks.

Which would be the best camera phone with a budget under 25k and 20k? The pics should be as natural as possible with less auto correction. Thanks.

Suggest me a smartphone under 15k with no ads , decent camera and no gaming..

I bought my realms c3 last August, it was working good but recently after updating it around a month ago, the apps are taking around 4-5s to load and there are new glitches which weren`t there before .. is this the case with other budget phones as well.!!!!!

In smartphone with SD 888 chipset, why there is too much heating??

Hey Ranjit what do you think about the increasing weight of smartphones ? Why battery technology not improving compared to other . Why companies are not investing in R&D of battery technologies

We have seen 30W,50W,65W & even 100W. And now 200W also coming. Don`t you think it is now been too much. Isn`t it bad for the battery in the long run?

Time is ripe to keep a 2nd smart phone for online transactions, with a new cell number, new mail ID specifically for banking etc. What`s your view on A) Micromax IN 1b the pure Android phone. 2) Apple SE-2 Is there any other secured phone with pure android (small size).

Do yout think buying an iPhone XR is better option than a midrange android. ?

When will you resume making REAL USER REVIEWS again? It was a good start.

Huawei as a brand in India. Is it still reliable amd what about the service availability.

sir ..I want to buy a smart phone around 25 k . and I want only stock android exp. ..I an confuse between nord and pixel 4a pls suggest me.. .earlier I m using max pro m1 ...I m a very big fan of your ..pls pick my question pllsssss sir .

Which Emoji is Your favourite?? never seen you doing

Thoughts on Nothing ear(1)!

What`s worse? OnePlus being greedy with pricing or MiUI bugs?

Now a days why youtubers are not suggesting M51?

Plastic screen guard or tempered glass(generic) for smoother s pen experience and in which case will s pen last longer?

Best android SD 888 under 40k-50k? Shud wait for s21 FE? Or go for Oneplus 9?

Hi sir now a days laptops are also being the primary for everyone so acer ,asus are releasing laptops cheaper than dell ,hp etc so while considering laptop what is the criteria specs with laptop or pay extra for brand pls clarify Thank you

Hi Ranjit, I have earlier tweeted you a Q. If u could include it`s ans. in the Q&A it would be great. My doubt was on if TVs advertised with HDR 10, 10+ or Dolby Vision truly support it. For eg, there are TVs using HDR 10 on a non 10 bit display. Det. info would be nice, pls.

Hi Ranjit, can you help to find out Best USB C hubs for my Samsung S7 plus tab.. to connect mouse, Keypad, PD output and memory cards

What are your expectations on Oneplus Nord 2 with Dimensity 1200 and those leaked camera specs stating 50MP camera? Do you think Oneplus might get back to those "Flagship Killer" days with Nord 2?

What is virtual RAM in smartphones? Is it of any use or is it just a gimmick like the 2 MP cameras?

What is the future of wired earphones now every company removing headphone jack? Are tws these days good enough to replace wired earphones?

What are your thoughts about the upcoming MIUI 13? Shouldn`t they improve it with less bugs with a more cleaner look & be better with updates? Devices like Poco X2,Mi A3, Redmi Note 9 have had issues with updates. What do you think they should do to improve MIUI 13?

Realme 7 pro or 8pro which one should buy?

Do you think the Windows will ever feature a single design language, instead of the ugly mixture of old and new UI we currently see!

hey why didn`t you reviewed / unboxing of MI 10 LITE???

What would be your Ideal Laptop for gaming and programming with a budget of 70-75k?

In addition to my previous question, what will be the price of upcoming Galaxy Watch 4. Do you think samsung will keep the price competative or will it be priced like a Premium watch?

Sir , is it necessary to keep a time machine backup for Mac. If so then will I have to buy an SSD or will hard drive do the job? Also how much storage will be needed since it keeps a history of the files as well?

I like apple laptop but In mobile I like give some idea what prefer...

Hi sir Why many do not preffer a tv as a monitor as its cheep and its smart.

How is your Galaxy Fold holding up? Do you see increased screen crease after long term use? Also will extensive gaming have an impact on the folding screen?

OnePlus ki maa chod do sir as usual

Is there any confirmation regarding the upcoming Samsung launch event of Galaxy Watch 4 and will they be announcing the S21 FE at the same event because I read an article that said that samsung might launch S21 FE only in US and Eurpean markets due to global chip shortage?

Hello sir if we are investing 50,000 rs in a smartphone should we invest in iOS or Android ? i know it depends upon user but considering overall situation where should we invest if someone has to use it for 2 to 3 years!!

What are your thoughts regarding OnePlus throttling the performance deliberately in many apps in OnePlus 9 Pro?

Pls suggest soundbar with inbuilt subwoofer , there are many old models available are they worth taking ? Budget upto 15k

Wasn`t creating value in their smartphones the core business model ? And now with news spreading that one plus will be adopting color OS, what exactly will be their USP now ?

We just saw the launch of the One Plus Nord CE in the budget segment and now they are coming back with the Nord you think one plus too is now going more towards the volume business like so many of the other mobiles manufactured by its parent co?

It`s a suggestion that you talk about the haptics and No. Of Software updates in every smartphone video.

Best Camera Phone under 20k to 25k

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