It`s finally time to let this beast go

October 4, 2022, 12:02 am
It`s finally time to let this beast go
It`s finally time to let this beast go. S22 Ultra is a great device, and I could`ve definitely kept it longer. But having had so many Note series phones, the Z Fold 4 just lured me in/was more exciting. Thanks for the good times, Ultra.

one thing i can never do leave the S22 Ultra for the fold

Nobody cares. Shut up

2) but of course it`s totally fine that you enjoy it. Many people do I`m just waiting for the price to come down and form factor to improve.

It kinda is beta. Aspect ratio on both screens is weird, particularly the outer one which is too narrow to be of use to someone with my hand size. Lots of Android apps still don`t play nicely with the bigger screen too. Finally the cameras are still not as impressive & crease.

I wouldn`t replace my ultra with any foldable tbh. It`s personal preference but I feel like it`s replacing a relatively mature device with another that`s technically still in beta.

I been using fold 4 since the lounch the device is great but by the time ull get annoyed by its weight

Personally the Fold series of phones gave me anxiety. I kept on thinking the screen was going to crack. Plus I missed the zoom lens and better cameras on the s22 ultra.

Any plans to switch to iFold? You tomorrow morning. For me I can`t use any phone without the pen and zoom... Also the Fold still thick.. It`s a great device fast and smooth.. Samsung made it very hard to choose. The best 2 device now the s22U and the Fold 4

If the fold 5 has a built-in s pen, they`ll get me

Z Fold 4 is your 1st foldable? It such an awesome device you make the best decision I guess. It remember me my Z Fold 3 but the S22 ultra is perfect for my daily

I love mine. And will just wait for those crazy s23 ultra trades.

I liked the theme.. where did you get it from ?

I`mma let go of my ultra for the pixel 7 pro and hang on to my flip 3 then later get the s23 ultra next yr.

so you leave your s22U for Fold?

Got the flip, and I have an iphone 13PM sitting on my desk..But it feels like when you got into folding or flipping, there is no coming back :)

Are you rich or your father is rich ?

S23U will be your next device.

I dont know, my experience with IOS has been good so far. Yeah, I expected better battery life but I aint mad, honestly. But knowing me, I just know Ill be looking to buy another android cause i just feel at home with android.

Man, that phone is just too beautiful. Who knows, maybe next year Samsung will do something to get my interest back. I still plan to at least last a whole year with IOS tho.

Great for you! How was the camera experience?

Get the s23 ultra or if you`re set on the fold 4 and dont want to wait for the fold 5 which brings a built in s pen and better aspect ratio then get the spen case for the fold 4 :) the pen option is cool asf

I`ll keep mine till the Z Fold has a pen inside

Ooh makes sense then you can use it cool! Well I`m heading to bed have a good one!

Thats the thing I have been asking around and there are some people saying its better but the watch 5 pro isnt as accurate which concerns me a lot of concerns tbh lol but Im just weighing my options before I make a move.

Youre welcome and Ill say this as of now I want to switch but Im always quick to say nah Ill wait and see what Apple does because Im so sucked into their ecosystem and the health and fitness is essential to me I dont feel like syncing all of that to Samsung health

Hope you won`t miss your ultra! Aren`t you feeling sad for giving your ultra?! And do you have any plans looking to S23U next year?

Youre welcome and I will be trading in my iPhone 12 Pro Max

Trading it in ? Thats what Im doing for the iPhone 14 Pro Max in deep purple Im so excited cant wait to get it and that S22 is beautiful

Thats a clean home screen

I just let go of mine last week

Did you sell your S22ultra?

Yh fosho, I`m always here on Twitter hehe Btw, kindly follow me back

I`ll be here to find out in a few months time, tho from the reviews of others who switched, they are not planning on using slab phones again

What`s the name Themes?

Good move it looks great more and more I look at it. I wish you the best with that Ill try to do the same as well haha

One of the best looking phones ever made. But far too big for my liking. Z Flip 4 is my daily driver

Okay. Yikes, seems you`ve been taken away by the fold, you may never return to using slab phones again

Hard decision I guess.

Selling it or trading?

Are you gearing up for that S23 Ultra?? You gonna dash it out or return to the store?

Glad you`ve successfully moved onto the Fold4; congratulations! Do you have any plans to check out the experience of the S23?

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