It`s funny to see some tweets stating that the

October 10, 2022, 11:44 pm
It`s funny to see some tweets stating that the
It`s funny to see some tweets stating that the iPhone 14 series is buggy and they are switching to pixel 7 pro, all I see is folks making excuses just to sell the iPhone to buy the new pixel phones. The only issue I had with 14 pro max was the esim issue not having a sim card.

Yes it`s an excuse to switch 2 a better OS & Phone - Android / Pixel. Basic things like gestures are inconsistent on iOS , can only swioe from left to go back and that too in core apps. For third party need 2 reach to top left of the phone unlike Android both side swioe 2 go bac

Just excuses to change , next year people will complain about something with the Pixels and again they will change to the new Galaxy xD

iPhone 14 is an awesome phone,I would trade a Pixel 7 for an iPhone 14.

The pixel is the worst phone in term of bugs

For me personally its definitely the buggiest one since 3yrs ago. But then again Google had similar issues with the 6. Its more important that they get this issues resolved quickly, but if not satisfied I suppose you are in your right to return or move

The irony Moving to a new pixel phone might not be the best way to avoid bugs . God speed to them.

That is what I don`t understand - I also have zero issues since I installed it on my 13 Pro. My wife put it on her 11 Pro and all of her overheating and sudden battery drain symptoms disappeared.

Its proprietary stuff. They dont make apps for android because its over a thousand dollars a year sub, and they decided theyd force the industry to use apple.

You wont know if there are issues until young have the device. However, most of this people are doing click bait to get views lol. People love to hate so it works all the time.

All phone have issues. S22U, Pixel 6 series and iPhones. IOS 16 for me has been bad. Multiple freezing, very hot phone and lots of glitches. The reason why I said the IOS is because people are wrongfully blaming the phone. I have the 13 Pro Max and still have those issues.

I run my business with iPad. Dont have another option currently. So not using an iPhone is a nightmare. I need to access stuff from my iPad or Id use pixel 24/7. Since apple is only worthless trash company that prevents you from accessing your apps from other phones Im screwed

Good for you. I have tried 4 different devices. Different carriers. Same result on all. Common denominator is iOS.

I`ve had bad battery drain, random loss of signal and sometimes random closing of apps. Phone gets hot too but so does my Pixel 6p

iOS 16 is nearly unusable. Ive tried multiple phones, fresh installs etc. iMessage locks and errors. Screen freezes. Literally worse than any OS Ive used in the last decade.

My advice to people is do not upgrade from a 13 Pro. Biggest mistake I ever made. I`m back to using my Pixel because the 14 pro is so buggy

Im guessing theres a solid chance many are bots or paid tweeters. Most people would need to have massive regular issues to just give up a phone, especially after a few weeks only.

I didnt have any problems with iPhone 14 Pro. Working perfectly fine. Mine is UK model.

Absolutely the Pixel was a buggy mess for some and for me it wasn`t. Felt like they were lying but I can`t deny someone else`s experience because mine isn`t the same. Bugs happen without a doubt and are different per person at times

I meant on iPhone iOS 16.0.2

Whats more funny is that people think they can escape bugs by jumping to another phone. Ive noticed a lot of bugs. I had a Pixel 6 Pro and traded it due to the money I got for it and picked up iPhone 14 Pro Max

I cant wait to see 100 YouTubers switching to Pixel videos because they got the free phone!

I know Im over working my iPhone but dam. Im getting freeze ups every once and awhile in various apps.

Exactly but you have an adult, sane approach, not whining about one or the other.

I dont have any issues with my 14 pro max, but then again I have the version that can take a physical sim. Too much capping going on out here, I have the 7 pro on preorder and the pixel watch comes free with it and I have been offered 695 trade in for my old 12 pro max

It`s called the "free phone syndrome".

I agree with you, these people are changing their minds when a shiny new toy comes along and have to save face for the impulsively rash decisions they wont end with phones.. Maybe its just ADHD.

That is the combo to beat! Thats the issue for people that like to switch phones a lot. I keep iPhone to work so I dont swamp often. Just once a year for the new iPhone. But the androids are my daily devices right now. So I NEED that sim swap.

Same but after I went through a debacle with SIM cards I was actually glad all I had to do was download a new e-sim to solve the issue and not have to walk the phone into a store. But if I was given a choice I think I would still choose the physical sim over the e-sim.

iPhone and Pixel will be my 1-2 punch of phones for a while. Im over Samsung.

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