It`s getting really easy to hate Apple nowadays

April 26, 2022, 2:13 pm
It`s getting really easy to hate Apple nowadays
It`s getting really easy to hate Apple nowadays. Haven`t released an update for your game? Time to throw it in the trash.

This is why I am an android user and will continue to be. It hurts me to say I release iOS apps because its financially better due to piracy issues but I really think Apple suck bigtime.

another reason not to decide to make stuff for the appstore for me.

Exactly, backwards compatibility should be apples responsibility, not the developers!

It also feels like a way to claw more money out of devs. "Oh your app won`t make any money, but you had better pay us a yearly subscription fee"

Nowadays? Apple has had a long history of unfair software restriction, planned obsolescence, anticompetitive behavior, forced market inflation, terrible labor policies, and criminal tax practices

Of course they`d do this, they make money from people pushing updates to their apps, if someone isn`t updating their app then they see them as freeloaders.

Make the update a single line of text. Apple mandated update to keep the game available for sale 1.2

There are places to host long lived games that do not get updates. A platform that tries to enforce a level of consistency an quality across all apps may not be the best place. If you can`t open the source, update to the most recent sdks and release, your game is virtually dead.

Yeah ours was pulled both from iOS and MacOS stores for the same reason, we havent had a reason to update

As I said, it`s a mixed bag. I don`t agree with what Apple is doing in this case either. In the same token, if they can take the original code and Xcode project, build and test without changing anything on the latest SDKs, and push that as an update.... that would solve it.

Not quite that simple. When it comes to software available on a digital platform that is continually being sold I expect it to be kept up to date to keep working on current OS`s for the platform. I also don`t mind paying for upgrades between major versions for software I use.

Nah, APIs need to change over time to improve. There are reasons to not keep back. compat. - from potential security vulnerabilities to exponentially more complex OSs etc - especially on limited mobile hardware (perf., battery, storage, etc). Not ideal, but I cant fault them

Its different developing for platforms like iOS than desktop though, as APIs can drastically change over time. There are a few games from 4+ years ago that Id love to play on my iPhone that just dont work anymore. It sucks, but I cant fault Apple for this one.

Yes, this is one of several reasons I dropped iOS as a platform a few years back. There were too few hours in the day to keep going back and touching up what were finished works, and too few dollars to pay for the privilege by needing to keep a modern Apple build stack around.

Theyve been doing this for years. Mobile is not an indie friendly platform.

Apple: Ocarina of Time, one of the greatest games of our generation. *Squints to look at the release date Apple: 24 years since the last update?!?! *Throws it into the trash

The os and new users might requiere API that your current apps does not support or currently includes and they are now deprecated. Distributing a primitive looking for a better word) doesnt include those hazards that distributing an app includes.

Yeah, this is just disappointing and annoying. Their constant updates to the terms and conditions(and arbitrary exceptions to big companies) makes the app store a really hostile place to make games as a solo dev.

Yeah, its partially understandable (like with the security they force into the OS), but its the only OS I develop for that makes me redo parts of a program all of a sudden after an update. It does get a bit tiring.

imagine if they did this for films and music "You can keep this media available for new users by submitting a Director`s Cut or Remaster for review within 30 days"

this is perhaps one of the reasons why I will never use apple products

And this is why I dislike appleand also google is doing the same this year. I share my thought on LinkedIn just a few minutes ago HTML5 seems like the ideal cross platform solution to avoid the app store issues but coincidentally iOS on safari is crippled

I used to use iphones because they just work without hassle. Switched to android a few months back because I couldn`t afford to replace my iphone. I think I might be staying with android.

that`s why i stopped putting my games on there. Update game->update xcode->update OS->update hardware, time and money wasted for the treadmill without a good return

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