It`s good! o/

June 23, 2021, 7:03 pm
It`s good! o/
It`s good! o/ Madden NFL 22 details:

me looking for who the hell wanted yet another football game with absolutely nothing to make it stand out from the other hundreds of football games It`s the same game...

Madden is a Scam change my mind. Sports gamers are dumb for buying the same game for over 6 years.

the kick may be good but the game is prolly trash, sorry not sorry.

add fnaf world to playstation

Game is trash. The player control is horrible. Feels like your playing 2k. Hard pass

It`s the same thing as the last 10 years. Demand better from EA guys...

Narrator: the game was in fact not good at all

The metacritic user score is the only good thing

Honestly, Madden NFL 2004 >> Madden NFL 2022

It`s a bad kickoff to 2021 for football games & is no good as it becomes the same football game every year

This game is free on Game Pass. It makes more sense to buy a Game Pass. FIFA and Soccer >>>>>>>>>>> Madden and Football

How have they still not figured out how to fix the pants? Most players wear their pants above the knee.

Trash same game every year, two plays every year dominate the multiplayer

Damn good graphics

Now this is madden

Pre-order now Why they giving the cheifs some spotlight they lost lol. Should only be the bucs

That`s an expensive Trevor Lawrence update...

Nintendo better sadly

bad game + bad console? gg

Call Of Duty at this point, is more fun that madden. Me and many people just play for either graphics or just playing football, madden 07 on the Gamecube is better than this. EA: We believe in the player, which is why we are adding a feature we removed years ago, thank you.

I only do sports games on the Series Box of X now as they`re all day one Game Pass. It`s OK, I still love you Playstation

I cant even get an exclusive invite for Ps5 via email, so I cant get it anyway playstation help me out

playstation should worry about their underpowered console! Xbox is tearing them apart!!

what about Grand Turismo? Spyro The dragon? Silent Hill? that was a cool one lol

Same game every year

Lol I just Noticed PlayStation is following Xbox this is sus

Xbox has better exclusives

Reminder : this game is free on the Game Pass

Xbox is better at least we can get their consoles lol

One of the nice things about checking these posts right away is finding all of these "xBoX iS bEtTeR" accounts and blocking them.

When can I get a ps5 yo Wow added an American flag special fans and social media cant wait to play madden 16

it is NOT good - EA has ruined Madden

You mean NHL? National Handball league

This game should be a $5 Roster and Rating update


who says, it`s good?

No one cares about madden

It`s another reskin game just like the last 5 years, why buy another

When is this event gonna happen?? Can you tell EA to please give me a beta code ps5


Game will work better on Xbox

would be crazy if u accidentally announced a new state of play haha

Madden looks way better on my Xbox

Not a real sport this is who xbox is better

PlayStation better.

Bad game and bad console

Don`t care, Playstation is better.

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