It`s not that Microsoft wants to remove Call of

September 16, 2022, 9:42 pm
It`s not that Microsoft wants to remove Call of
It`s not that Microsoft wants to remove Call of Duty from PlayStation by 2027/2028. It`s that Microsoft wants to get Game Pass on PlayStation by then.

It`s not obvious. GP on Playstation means even less Xbox consoles, it wouldn`t even make sense. They want people using their store, thats how they make the "real" money. Pc and cloud doesn`t matter, because they aren`t console users, and they even become potential Xbox users.

I tell people this and they don`t believe it.

ms does not need to place game pass on PS simple because they do not need it when its on PC and its has the cloud and tablets and smart is not there worry its brands like amazon and google ms wants to destroy.

They dont care about getting GamePass on PlayStation. They want it on every PC, mobile device & smart tv. MS is making so many great moves & their potential future is obscenely bright. A shame that right now Xbox games are video game junk food. PS is putting out fine dining

Well that isn`t going to be easy, after all they have been rivals for a long time now. Not to mention that would be also admitting defeat in which is very hard to do. What would it be called just Xbox PlayStation Game Pass, PlayStation Game Pass, or Console Game Pass?

Even when it was big news after the Bethesda round table Ive always been of the mind that gamepass would never be on PlayStation. As xcloud matures I could definitely see it on switch though,that should be one of their main focus.

There is no chance in hell that Game Pass will ever go onto PlayStation. Do you honestly think and believe Sony would allow something like that, of course not. Game Pass is a threat to Sony and PS but they allow it on PS? Does that make sense to you?

Sony will allow it if Microsoft stops selling Xbox hardware and gets out of the market. I agree with that strategy. Also MBG (Miserable Bored Gamer) please diversify your "PlayStation centric channel" and start including Xbox content so you can actually post something worthwhile

a win-win for MS and Sony. Still have your platform of choice and wide selection of games at the best price in gaming.

No it`s thy Sony doesn`t want cod on gamepass

Me neither, only real downside to Xbox is that an Xbox console would become pretty much obsolete and to PlayStation, the downside for them would be that theyd have to swallow their pride and let Microsoft make some money off them. Bigger L comes for Microsoft though

Just let them take that CoD crap. Sony is more than capable to create a better, fresher and newer experience if they wanted to. Give Deviation the resources and time and let them create something special. And then make them your own FPS-Studio

If anyone heard of IP Black that was on PS2 it can kill COD if sony owns it

Game Pass will decrease the quality of PS first party games.

All this said, they too stubborn. They wont let it on.

playstation consoles make a loss

It would benefit Sony more too. People would buy more PlayStation consoles because now they get the best of both world on PlayStation as opposed to the other way around.

They dont want to remove cod from PlayStation

You would be a horrible leader if you just let a Trojan horse in your home.

Sony is still a blockade for cross platform multiplayer and you think they will allow a competitors game subscription service on their platform? Damn it all makes sense now, this account is run by a stand-up comedian...

Give it the end of this generation.

If I could have both services on my ps5 or Xbox x I would pay for both services. It be nice and Id be happier if Sony put their games out on their service day 1.

Netflix is on every device. GamePass will be too.

I don`t see it. Microsoft will eventually run into a few roadblocks. Look at streaming platforms for traditional entertainment. Apple, Netflix, Disney, Amazon. The list is long. I doubt a monopoly in gaming will be well received in the long term. If not Sony, others will compete.

I are not wrong

The only thing here wich could harm Sony is the hardware business model of them. Would be a good thing having gamepass AND a cheaper model to sell....

It starting to make sense !!

Gamepass can be accessed as a TV app, which means, that ps players will have a way to get it anyway.

If this is their end game, I`m actually all for it. I mean, it would be like killing your own console off in the process, but I`m here for more games

ppl dont want that idk why, Xbox wants to get out of the console-only corner and go into service they said that from the start, for all the PS fanboys what would hurt you if your PS had GP on it? you will get extra games lower price games its a win-win for you why not ok with it?

If Xbox wants Game Pass on any other device, it will be the Cloud version. In no way would they want to be making native ports for Switch or PS5.

I can see Sony giving in eventually

It would be a massive concession. Its like willingly letting in a Trojan horse into your city. Knowing its threat but doing it anyway. People would rather sub to Game Pass and not sub to the higher levels of PS Plus

I think its the mindshare from all the exclusive marketing, holiday bundles, and if they do their own exclusive perks like PS doing now. Plus being on Game Pass consumers will wise up and get the better deal. More subs will follow with each release

Source : Im down for that. Gamepass is better value than PS Extra, add some PS exclusives to it and its perfect.

I`d be glad to see gp on ps more games for all of us. Fan boying over a plastic box needs to stop with people.

after 3 year`s exclusive games such as cod on Xbox.

GamePass will never be on PlayStation, and Microsoft only have 1 game plan and that is GamePass, they will destroy COD like they did with Halo.

There is zero downside people are just so hung up on a plastic box it`s hilariously ridiculous

Maybe, but if they have it on every other platform...Xbox, Nintendo, PC, cloud, TVs, etc it`ll bring more access to more gamers period

I have a feeling this one tweet will be used for console war purposes, I can already see it coming

Then you really haven`t thought it through

But then PlayStation would just have to shut down PS+ essential/ premium tiers or go day and date which would massively hurt their revenue. GP is never going on PlayStation, it just doesn`t make business sense.

That doesn`t make sense in any way. How would that work? Would PS get S stripped version without Xbox games? Xbox studios would make PS ports? Would you still need ps+? No shot that`s the plan. That`s not Microsoft end goal for sure. You saw MillieA tweet and had to eco it lol

I agree, i think thats a ultimately what Microsoft wants

Exactly, the new terms for COD on PlayStation after 2027 will 100% include GP on PS or no deal.

Gamers would appreciate it...

Lol, that`s not how it works...If Sony allows GP on PS then MS would not only buy more publishers but also lock down some Third party games behind GP only, means Sony losing 30% of per game sale`s not a win win situation for Sony

Microsoft bought Activision to dangle CoD over Jim`s head like a carrot. He wants to make a deal

I could see a version of gamepass happening where its only Xbox studios games. But Sony will never allow third party stuff

Oh ok I see your point but I dont see it happening Microsoft will be dumb , they will guarantee a another generation lost if they do that they already losing this generation like they did last so they better keep it on Xbox

Yo MBG i miss your conspiracy theories, when can we get another one? It`s not even that IMO. They don`t want the legal restrictions should they want to change their business plan.

That makes no sense. Why would Sony allow a competitors service in their platform?

You can play gamepass on your browser. Not sure if PS has one?

Buy Microsoft stock, you might see an increase in your investment next year.

If they continue acquiring studios like they have said today. Their is no chance Microsoft do not become a 3rd party publisher. Don`t care if your Microsoft 80b spent is alot of money. Wouldn`t be surprised if the question has been asked if they put Halo Infinite on PS

They not putting game pass on PlayStation stop it stop worrying

No, Microsoft wants to remove COD from PlayStation by the next console generation when it will do the most harm to Sony.

Wont happen game pass wont be on ps so

Defeats the purpose of having a PS

Fat chance of that happening

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