It`s #ScreenshotSaturday Show us those GAMES!

September 25, 2021, 12:47 pm
It`s #ScreenshotSaturday Show us those GAMES!
It`s ScreenshotSaturday Show us those GAMES! REPLY with your game! RETWEET this thread! LIKE because you want to? Follow for more and have a wonderful weekend indiedev gamedev indiegame indie IndieGameDev

Started working on the framework of the city. Eight domes: Surrounding the central hologram earth these structures will contain the library, science, art, music, Research, exhibition, entertainment and conference centers. City Design by Current state Star Duck. A simple arcade shooter for Android devices! Become a duck cosmonaut and shoot the aliens! But most of all save the universe! indiedev indiegame madewithunity unity3d screenshotsaturday Thanks for hosting. I am working on an rpg inspired by undertale called InfiKnight. Its a game where you can cheat,however doing do will change the way the story unfolds. Happy wishlistwednesday guys, here`s to some Cow Magic! Fixing annoying bugs for kingofcrokinole ... not much eyecandy , just annoying rigidbodybehavior newest update: The last chapter of our indie horror is creeping in Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our games! We are making a game where you are a tiny, lost ball of yarn in a large house. You can have meaningful conversations with other objects and have to figure out how you got here and who you are. Thanks for letting us show our game! Here`s out most recent Screenshot Saturday: Hey there! We`re happy to show the dust particles we`re using to guide players a little: Heeey, thank`s for hosting, and giving us the opportunity to show our games. Happy screenshotsaturday to everyone. Our`s is a ps1 stealthhorror game, the story is based on Guilt. We`ve just arrived at the Nintendo Switch`s eShop for pre-order! Five indie short games into one neat collection. Thanks Screenshot! Wishlist: Thanks for hosting, happy screenshotsaturday! I thought I`d re-share this video from a few weeks ago. I`m hard at work building Layers, a brand new node-based solution for dynamic GameAudio and music in Unity. Check it out! Thanks for hosting! Finished one more part of work for screenshotsaturday Making a game with voxel graphics: Thanks for hosting !

Thanks for hosting! This is a streamer focused fighting game that allows streamer to interact with their chat more :) ! twitch streamer indiegame solodev if youre into zelda check out my game hey been working on adding arms into my scenes We did all the things you asked for, thank you for the platform , check out Squire below! Thanks for the space! This is my screenshotsaturday submission! This week, I`ve been working on Localization for Very important to make players all around the world feel comfortable, so why not let them play using their own language? :) Undercover Break It is saturday! Game is still in coding! But i hope you all reach your checkpoints for this week! Itchio Thanks for hosting, love all the projects!

Beyond the Oaks :) I made this house, I`m so proud of myself Thank you for hosting and happy screenshotsaturday! Ever felt like you need to grab a bite just before you`re leaving the house? Thanks for the opportunity! We`re hyped for our demo coming October 1st! indiegames deckbuilder Thank you! We`ve got new unlockables being implemented in our fatalframe inspired survivalhorror game! Thanks! Started work on sound effects Hi ! And thanks for the host :) Hey guys, please get ready support our Kickstarter campaign, and enjoy the free demo of the "Last Soul" prologue on three platforms Steam: Itching: GameJolt: . screenshotsaturday My mom wanted me to become a doctor instead I made a game about a Molotov-Cocktail-tossing Unicorn with rainbow colored hair. Did i make the correct decision with my life? Thanks for hosting! I`ve finally implemented a simple but effective fast travel system! Thanks for hosting! I`ve been working a lot on environment and foliage, like river, grass and leaves. Thanks for the support! Got a few new pixelart space backgrounds this week! screenshotsaturday Have a lovely indiegaming weekend everybody! Happy Weekend and thanks for the space!! The dad and Lad team are now up on steam and can be wishlisted! so spending our screenshotsaturday spreading the word!! Happy screenshotsaturday! Here`s our latest post! Thanks you so much for hosting! thx for hosting! Robot Rage 4 ever! Happy screenshotsaturday folks! Hey there! This week were doing a name your own level contest for our game Kick Bot! Check it out,submit your own idea, and vote for your fave! screenshotsaturday indiegames indiedev Hello guys! Here is some gameplay footage: Thanks for hosting. thank you for hosting! thanks for hosting! <3 happy screenshotsaturday > hit capslock for a speedboost Working on AI/physics for my open-source Voxel Engine gamedev Thanks for hosting My game Cataclyzm (NSFW) is available for free at Thank you for the platform Thanks for hosting Thanks for this space. Check out our game and demo on steam as well. Wishlist it too Thanks for this platform, first of all. Mine is not a done game yet... just some progress from my first attempt at gamedev Here`s InquisitiveDave getting involved in the democratic process! Thanks for hosting this space Thanks for hosting!
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