It`s time to join the journey and be the

January 26, 2022, 1:33 pm
It`s time to join the journey and be the
It`s time to join the journey and be the hero. A Crytek Announcement.

I hope it comes out before winter so I can turn my PC into a space heater.


I think the phrase "Can it run Crysis?" Is about to be relevant again.

Guys I love your games but the "remaster" trilogy was a lousy job. Crysis one was made over the console version lacking a lot of detail, also there`s a bug on pc and ultra wide monitors when turning up certain dlss options that you haven`t fixed.

Lets go!!!!!

even the announcement video is better than most of the games released in 2021 lmao

Oh, at first I thought it was an announcement that Metroid Prime 4 was re-rebooted under you guys.

Gonna be Steam Deck Verified, right?

Nice!! Just played the collection a few months ago. Crysis 3 still holds up extremely well.

Coolest animation ever made for the number 4

are you guys making metroid prime too?

Make sure u remeber to pay ur employees this time :)

Great news. Hope we get some traditional multiplayer with it. Love the series.

No way, Crysis has been my favorite game since 2007 .. Extremely excited for this

I can smell burning GPUs already

Oh. I was hoping for Ryse 2. So much potential there.

I`m just replaying it Dont you dare making it EGS exclusive

Ive only played Crysis 3, loved it, need to play the 1st and 2nd games now on PS5

It would be great to see the exclusive Crysis game under the umbrella of XBOX.

If you really think about this, Crysis has huge potential for an incredible BR experience. Crytek talent CryEngine Nanosuit

As long as you don`t put shitty micro transactions and NF-Chad-T`s in I`m all on board for seeing if the next installment breaks my PC!!!!!

You know we up when this drop right? Sweet enjoyed the Crysis series

wait wait wait ... WHAT?! Looks like it is time for Witcher 3 to pass hardrunning to C4 on new 3090Ti to its limits

Finally I can`t wait Omg yes! I loved Crysis 2 mp!

Yeasss ps5, Xbox series and pc?

*Me glancing over to my Series X "Can you run Crysis.....4?"

Ayyyy...GPUs shall finally be put to the real test once again!

Excited for mid-life Crysis 4

God bless! RIP to all GPUs Like my grandmother used to say: "F@K YEAH!"

This is not killzone 6??

it will really suit "They called me Prophet. Remember me." Don`t worry, nobody forgot about you.

This is so exciting, wasn`t expecting another game at all, but whatever it ends up being I am sure it`ll be just as fun as the previous titles!

My graphic card exploded while watching this trailer. Please be better than Crysis 3...

But can it run crysis 2022 edition

We`re excited to announce were working on the 4th instalment in the Crysis series. We want you to join us on our journey and become the hero you were destined to be. Watch the teaser and read the blog post for more information on the journey ahead. are we finally going to go to the Ceph`s home world?

Please let there be Power Struggle game mode for multiplayer

want me and many more vr players to be excited? confirm it has vr support

It could be a Ryse: son of Rome 2, but anyway I`m happy with new Crysis. Make Ryse 2 happen. Is this the next iteration of Cry Engine? Or a 4th Crysis game?

leettsss gooooooooo Crysis 4 officially announced

"cool pc bud, but can it run crysis 4?"

I hope its for the music again

My question is that will it be like previous games i.e single player or battle royle game?

"Can it run Crysis" is about to come back again

I thought it was just an announcement for Cryengine 4 but what do I know

time for 3090`s to melt cause its trying to render a 7258518602584359 Pebibytes of textures at once

Don`t do this, the GPU market can`t take it

This is a nice surprise

So it`s coming in the next 5 years?

Good luck to anyone trying to play this on our decade-old rigs

Finally a new crysis game soon...

Brooo crysis 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dream finally comes true!!!

No gpu is gonna be able to handle this game

Time to dust these off. RIP to my Vega 56.

Oh ok last thing I was expecting today

Takes another 4 years to finish ? Lol

right now.
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