It will be interesting to see: 1) Is $SNAP`s

October 21, 2021, 11:12 pm
It will be interesting to see: 1) Is $SNAP`s
It will be interesting to see: 1) Is $SNAP`s miss just a SNAP issue? 2) What proportion is iOS changes and proportion is supply chains? 3) Does poor iOS mean --> CTV $? 4) If $ROKU beats and raises again, is this the quarter ppl realize that connected TV is a new Internet?

I think this is an excuse and we won`t hear it from other platforms. We`ll have to wait and see.

Mgmt responses: 1) No 2) They`re intermingled - so couldn`t specify the proportions within the driver for the shortfall 3) Noone asked 4) May be.

$ROKU and $TTD earnings will be particularly interesting to digest.

He`s providing you the answer while still making you think about it a bit. Those who can best read between the lines, have a sense for the future & take action in the early stages w/conviction, will be the ones who win exponentially. Risk? Yes. Reward? --> $ROKU

Think this could have a material impact on the entire AdTech industry? Marketers cut ad budgets due to lack of inventory.

I believe 1) is true. Smart people I follow say that Snaps DAU increase comes largely from India. People jumped boat as the government shut down Tiktok. ARPU over there is minimal, though. Not sure whether its true. Is this supply chain thing some sort of fogging?

Counting on it $roku great research Ophir

Some interesting names off the back of this news: $APPS - primarily Android $U - last report said they are navigating iOS changes well, possibly benefiting $APPL - meaningful ad revenue stream?

take note guys. Some people ponder, some people already deep in the research

Idk why I feel like $pins is different on the tracking. They know the user data of the customers based on their searches. Not much like any other social media who tracks all your outside influences

Tomorrow could be really bad due to broader $snap implications given the run weve seen and suspect volume past 3 sessions . . .

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