Janelle James on the #AbbottElementary group chat after the

July 13, 2022, 4:11 pm
Janelle James on the #AbbottElementary group chat after the
Janelle James on the AbbottElementary group chat after the EmmyNoms: "Well, I try not to talk too much because I have an Android and they yell at me. But today I was allowed to speak in the group chat."

Get this woman an iPhone!!!

Um... can we get in on this group chat

You tell them we had voice recognition YEARS before they did... and our devices are REPAIRABLE! you cant be in the group chat

case closed

I lovemy Android too, Janelle!

My mom uses android, so I just never text her. We use Facebook messenger instead. Way easier to do group chats there than SMS.

Shes effortlessly funny I hope she wins the Emmy

Mannnn, us Android users get zero respect! Congratulations on their Emmy nominations!

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