“Jim Ryan doesn`t care about indies” “Jim Ryan only

September 21, 2022, 6:31 pm
“Jim Ryan doesn`t care about indies” “Jim Ryan only
Jim Ryan doesnt care about indies Jim Ryan only wants safe AAA games Another anti Playstation narrative ruined.

Lol, Jim is often so misunderstood because of his of his blunt nature

jimbo loves indies so much he had to close Japan Studio and buy a PC porting company instead

Jim Ryan hate started with Xbox influencers and then moved to American gaming media and then came the PlayStation clout chasers on Twitter who jump on the bandwagon for followers... I keep asking why is Jim Ryan hated... The man had the best launch lineup in PlayStation history

Yeah Cause Kena and Sifu and Stray and Little Devil Inside are Big Triple A Games

kinda touches on the "demotion" topic. Interesting stuff.

Better stop caring about jumping and bird games ffs

here`s your answer to the lack of JRPGs on the PS4 and PS5 made by Sony. They`re not making enough money and Jim Ryan doesn`t want to lose any more money making games that don`t sell well. Thank you for posting this. Ukno whats crazy about this? I remember during the early days of the PS4 everyone made fun of Sony for caring to much about indies. Now the narrative is that they dont care.

Shuhei is such a gem. Its very interesting to hear that Jim Ryan pushed for the indie initiative though. I dont necessarily agree with the way Jim Ryan says a lot of things, but hes on point in certain regards.

Another narrative down the drain

Full interview link ?

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