Just ordered an iPhone 13 mini and I`m already

October 30, 2021, 4:28 am
Just ordered an iPhone 13 mini and I`m already
Just ordered an iPhone 13 mini and I`m already irritated about it.

Keep us informed. I have the Samsung s10e and have the option to upgrade to an iPhone whenever I want, but I`m hesitant...

As soon as its in your hot little hand, youll be loving life and saying whats an Android?

You loser - sent from my iPhone

If you have other Apple products, you feel better by the time. Things will work together better.

Wait has a Samsung? I, too, have 630 chargers.

You`ll catch on super quick.

It will definitely be an adjustment for sure. Change is hard

Why not use WhatsApp? That`s the best app for international communication.

I think people like what they are used to. I tried to go android a few years ago and the change was too hard for me. I immediately went back. Its funny how conditioned we become

Yep. Its all over once you partake lmao

I get it, I won`t hold it against you

Well now you have partaken of the fruit..there is no going back

You should have just sent me a DM and I could give you one of the 1500 i have

Just return it lol and order one instead.

What phone do you have now? I am thinking of upgrading because I have the XS but I keep hearing to wait until the 14

Should have gotten an Galaxy Flip

. I guess I`ll have to block you

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