Kena: Bridge of Spirits bursts to life next week

September 16, 2021, 2:32 am
Kena: Bridge of Spirits bursts to life next week
Kena: Bridge of Spirits bursts to life next week on PS5. See how Ember Lab crafted their hero from prototype to final design:

Where the hell is the Metal Gear Solid Remake i kept hearing about?

This game looks very fun. I cant wait to get my hands on it.

You people need to come out and make a statement about the ps4 update. Stop being silent constantly, people need to know you actually care and are looking into it. Absolutely shitty community management on your end. Do you guys have any knowledge on the 1.4 update

very hype for KenaBridgeofSpirits

Man I hope I get my ordered ps5 before then

"Clearly, you don`t own an air fryer." I hear ya loud and clear, NOTHING WEIRD IS GOING TO HAPPEN, you just Might get a RUSH of inspiration by being able to use your hardware NON STOP and with REALLY REALLY smooth transitions for the CREATOR side of things

I will always like stylized video games for how expressive they can make their characters

Ovbs u don`t care about ps4 any more

Can`t wait to play it, EmberLab has a lot of potential

dont overhype it remember cyberpunk

When does it release on Xbox?

Cute this is windows where is the ps5 im unfollowing and selling my ps5 for a windows machine if not even sony uses it

5 more days So you are using a PC to make your game and then you are gonna bring it to a console as an. Exclusive game? Hmmmmmm

Facial expression photo mode fun

This is why your fans are the worst This game is fun af

Cant wait!!!!! But deathloop will tide me over

Give me free ratio or Nintendo better

Already preordered

Pre-orderEd. But I`m playing it on the Ayaneo [If it runs well]

Already have it preordered and cant wait to play

Looking forward to it!

Give me free PS5 or I unfollow

They are so talented!

Informing you about how Xbox is better is quite hard for me

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