Learned from scholars today: puwet in Tagalog

August 29, 2021, 7:28 am
Learned from scholars today: puwet in Tagalog
Learned from scholars today: puwet in Tagalog. Lubot in bisaya. And ubet in ilocano 3 different ways to say ASS lol. Now well know when youre talking about us

Good afternoon. I know manager that word Lubot .im visaya....lol have a nice day

Wow u know how to speak our language...

bisaya here also..count me in sir..

Good Day, Manager! Im hoping to be one of your luck scholar. Here are my personal information; Name: Chandarly pescante Age: 36 years old Address: San carlos city negros occidental Gender: female Nationality: Filipino Civil Status: Single Occupation: Dispatcher Device: Android

we also have our own in kapampangan dialect and lot more in different dialects HAHAHA the diversity of Tagalog hahahaha

Make everyone confused on where you are really from

Name: Jessie Bellones Age: 35 Gender: Male Loc: Negros Occcidental Divice: android phone I play alot of games like ML, League of Legends, Dota 2 and RPG games,Ill grind the quota till I exceed it. I want to be a scholar because I want to help my family during this pandemic

Hey i am willing to one of them

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