let me do a definitive ranking of this that`s

June 4, 2021, 3:33 pm
let me do a definitive ranking of this that`s
let me do a definitive ranking of this

thats a terrifying sentiment, thank you

i am good at swimming! and kayaking and paddleboarding and wakeboarding. idk what youre putting in this arena.

oh the fear is of verbal/social confrontation so it wouldnt be a factor in your hypothetical arena. i love competitions!!

Dont waste your sympathy, I apologise instead for being British

ily but xe is so much stronger than me and i do not think i would have a choice in the matter

No Im br*tish

youre right though i would have SO many questions about the rules also, if we bring my cousin into the mix, do we have to fight eachother, or do we get to be on the same team?

i appreciate your confidence in me but atlas & i have discussed this and i would lose to him (though xe doesnt want to fight me) <3 we determined the only person id have a chance against is because we are equally inept at fighting see below: a helpful chart we made gwen i think you`re the tallest...? and i think you can be scrappy /pos. also i don`t think corey has the heart to fight you so after they`ve taken out atlas you can emerge from the shadows and go in for the kill

2. i am very confident that corey will place second (the placement of everyone else does not matter). i put cor in an arena and they`d probably say some shit like "fun! :D" then ask me several questions about the rules. if i ask them to fight their hardest they will

3. ok atlas u have huge muscles and i think you`re pretty cool but if i ask corey to win against u they will. also i heard u can`t swim so if i fill this arena with water then what

4. eira bc I think he is a lover not a fighter <3 i think i can imagine them reasoning why everyone should NOT fight (for my amusement, which is no fun). he would hesitate to fight cor or gwen and that empty second would be her downfall

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