Let`s take a moment to say thank you to

January 31, 2022, 5:57 am
Let`s take a moment to say thank you to
Lets take a moment to say thank you to the best tech worker in the world at Apple who came up with this amazing feature

do yall have anything else to post besides this feature

Someone stop him

Using an Apple feature to authenticate with google looks strange! Ever heard of login with Apple?

For sure

okay we`ve heard it enough times now

whats the feature ?

Why do people fall in this every single time

It existed in android from long ago

I`ll join you on this.

Are you doing yahoo?

They didn`t, That`s been a future for Android for at least 2 years

just got access to your bank account, saw you only had $0.48 and I felt bad so I signed out

Josh is bored again ladies and gentlemen.

What the heck is it?

It`s so good that a) it was copied from Android and b) can`t be called up on demand, unlike Android! Fire that tech worker!

This one better Cool feature but not deserve big clap

Copied from Android. its been 4 years this feature exist in android.

Does it exists in android

Bro how do you succeed every single time

This truly is a great feature

It is definitely a great feature however it has existed in Android and I have always wished for it. Never too late to do the right thing.

Is the feature called `no haptic feedback for keyboard`?

Extremely helpful!

Honestly I love this, I really really do. Kudos to this brilliant Engineer and Apple in general. No clue since I have not seen it i dont know who came up with this world changing idea apple or google. but you must use the android version. as far i understand u, you will have an orgasm right then!

Yup. The genius of is their attention to detail.

Yall know Samsung has it right?

Little did he know, Josh shared his google authentication code with the entirety of the Twitter.

How did you come to the conclusion that apple did it tho? Cuz it has existed in Android for years too

Stop dont encourage him - unlike immediately

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