Like if you want the Easter Ripper in Smash

October 6, 2021, 8:50 am
Like if you want the Easter Ripper in Smash
Like if you want the Easter Ripper in Smash

Is puppet combo a whole team of developers or are you just one person ?

Puppet Combo using emojis are the actual scary stuffs. Especially those two ones. Eurgh...

Make it on switch please puppet cpmbo In all seriousness please port it to switch.

I wanna have beers with the Easter Ripper tbh

Well to bad sora took youre placement with flying colors

for those who don`t have a switch, I prefer Mobile

Forget the Switch. Can you port it to N64!

Stop playing and put all yo games on switch

I mean.... We could change that. My DMs are like, right there.

Is any of ur games on android or sumn

Bruhhh pleeeeease put a new game on swiiitch i will buy it 10 x and play it in so many ways

Is it even on mobile?

You taunting so much I love it

"But Puppet Combo, Murder House isn`t even on Switch " "Did I stutter?"


Id prefer the Drill Killer in Smash!

Id give him my virginity for this

No but they gotta play it at a particular house and have a egg hunt after....

Want in thought you meant like to smash jokes aside hell yeah

Super Slash Brothers, when?

Sorry Puppet Combo, i misread this to start with and thought you were asking who wants to smash the easter ripper

wow im watching cory play this rN

Final Smash literally

Nah, I say Easter Ripper for Nick All Star Brawl

Easter Ripper would wash Sora.

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