lol angry dudes leaving comments on my Hades PS5

August 16, 2021, 4:38 am
lol angry dudes leaving comments on my Hades PS5
lol angry dudes leaving comments on my Hades PS5 review saying "he doesnt even MENTION the xbox!" Bro it is PS5 REVIEW in the title. Xbox version is great too but how can you be mad haha.

How can you review PS5 when it says DREAMCAST Guy?!

Fanboys are just cancer

Probably because he`s a fanboy

Real question is why the Dreamcast guy no talking about Dreamcast games???

Keep doing what your doing it`s great

I`ve avoided every review about the game because I don`t really know if I want to play it or not. I am afraid that the game will be way too difficult and frustrating as I have never played a roguelike. What do you think? Yay or nay?

I swear, my gaming opinion videos get the WORST comments and people by far. Some peoples` entire being is dependent on the products they enjoy and it`s pretty pathetic. Valid criticism is like an attack to them personally lol

Your channel blows dude

Why are people so mad in the comments you reviewed a version. People are now outraged that it`s not xbox

Xbox review ? He must think you are digital foundry or something

Am glad I don`t watch your content

Haven`t watched anything you`ve done since this fanboy meltdown tbh. I still cringe... dont mention the Xbox or else PS fanboys will think youre being paid by them lol all fanboys are cringe

Are we gonna tell these people to touch grass? Cause it sounds like they need to.

It`s a pretty fun game. I die too much though

Reading is clearly not people`s strong point.

Xbox: the struggle for relevance... I don`t understand why it even matters... It`s literally the SAME game.

You can never make everyone happy

One have Dualsens control Futures one hasn`t

Your channel. So do it your way. I think the issue is that it`s the same game on both consoles. This would be the first review I`ve seen to review something as a PS5 game. Telling people that game pass is brainwashing people can`t help too.

DCG, how do you feel about this article? Do you think Sony can turn the tide down to their favor? Or would they let Switch dominate them?

What about the switch version its been out for over a year

You know Xbox fanboys complain about everything lol

PS5 gamers are angry about there purchase and need people to say good things about it to make them feel better.

For someone who calls himself "DreamcastGuy", I`d have expected you to review Hades on the Dreamcast. Unsubscribed.

I`m in the comments of that video you did actually say it just 1 that it`s on gamepass I here it loud and clear.... Others didn`t here it and just went off ur title

Some people are just complaining for the sake of complaining. And if they go to far then just report them.

This will be humanity`s downfall. The rampant stupidity.

Bro your name is Dreamcast guy and you didnt even talk about Hades (Dreamcast) cmon man

It`s Hades. It`s always good.

Mad its included with ? Im not, its a great game! Tastes even better being included with the service.

I especially love the part of the review where you mentioned every 5 minutes Hermes comes through the Dualsense mic and says Xbox sucks. Youre the first reviewer to mention that.

Because console fan boys have soft small dicks. Because of this unfortunately circumstance they lash out.

people are mostly unwell in this country, thats why

You didnt mention Switch!!.jk, dont give a hoot about tribalistic BS. Well done bro!

Should have reviewed on the Xbox. Smh

I wouldn`t have mentioned the Xbox version either. Makes sense to me.

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