LOL by that time GME will be $5m per

July 19, 2021, 2:44 am
LOL by that time GME will be $5m per
LOL by that time GME will be $5m per share

Yay, now I can play solitaire on my tv

I can`t honestly see this taking off. It`ll just go the way of Google Stadia - die. PS has PlayStation Now and xbox/PC/android has Xbox Gamepass. Even valve`s cloud gaming thing didn`t take off after publishers and devs pulled their games.

I don`t have a witty response... This is just stupid... Netflix should worry about adding movies that aren`t B films, straight to DVD or movies I already own and bought from blockbuster 20 years ago. I`m on the verge of cancelling.

Lol her last name is MOON

Hmmm interesting they want people to sell GME because of this news ! HODL

Lots of MSM news about this. You know the drill whenever MSM promotes anything. RUuuuuuuuuN!

Not worried for $gme. Netflix churns out a hit once in a while, doubt theyve got their finger on the pulse of gamers.

With one game developer? Good luck! Didn`t Melvin Capital acquire a large position in NetFlix? I wonder if someone didn`t write a strong letter to Netflix to get them to announce this? Just a little headline to give the algos an excuse to pump and dump NFLX (aka acquire bagholders) and dump GME even more?

I would be happy with 10k. Not sure of the economics of 5m. They wouldn`t allow that. They aren`t even allowing 1k right now and now we find out they have been manipulating VIX

Dont forget this story is a rehashed news story that they re-released to justify GMEs downward price movements. GameStop will never need to compete with games that you play with a TV remote

Charlie, I figure you are the man to ask about this. Is there a penalty for not paying out a dividend as a short seller? I have been looking for answers and can`t really find anything online. This is assuming a crypto dividend is confirmed. Thanks for everything that you do.

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