Looking for Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox kinda like

February 6, 2021, 5:55 am
Looking for Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox kinda like
Looking for Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox kinda like

I stopped playing ff14 some years ago, I quite enjoy PSO2. Can`t wait for the update.

The communication between MS and Square is so weird. It`s like Square agrees to something and then shops to other publishers after to get more $$. I really hate the way Square does business. FF7 Remake is an example of operating in a short sighted manner.

Rumor in the ffxiv comunity is SE refused to do it if it would be locked behind XBLG (PS4 version is not locked behind PSN.) Maybe once they let F2P games through they also allow FFXIV to be playable without gold.

Looking for final fantasy for your ps2 like:

I was hoping it would happen but I guess I will just have to play it on PC .

Xbox relationships with square is a frenemey at best. Sad for Xbox gamers . Xbox gamers has had to beg for leftovers for years. Yes has done a better job than prior Xbox execs at mending relationships but square has an afinity for sony Playstation Seriously, this is such a major must have.. square has been hating on xbox lately tho so who knows why its taking so long

Yeah I thought Phil said back in 2019 it was gonna happen.

While were at it can we get spreadsheet simulator...i mean Eve online, for Xbox?

Make it happen Jez

It was already confirmed to come last year, just don`t expect it with 6.0

I get what you mean. But I really speak about that massive story they did built. Where the WoW expansions are more or less self concluding. FFXIV is not, so bringing people in when they are in the "Last Season" so to speak, might be something they don`t wanna do.

Personal prediction is that it`s going to have the same year long PS exclusivity as 7R and (maybe??) XVI. Can`t see future expacs having that after it finally hits Xbox though, Yoshida makes it pretty clear that parity-or-nothing is how he does things.

this battle isnt meant for us to win it xd

Yeah I wonder if it will ever come

Have always wondered why Microsoft failed to get this game for Xbox. I`m not an MMO guy myself, but many out there wanted this and it was discussed a ways back. Maybe one day. fingerscrossed

I cant assume the radio silence on this is a positive thing. Will surprised if it actually gets done at this point.

and FF7R. Microsoft relationship with SE has to be nonexistent

If they should ever do it, I assume that they finish the story line and then with 7.0 when everything resets will bring it to Xbox. Throwing the People into the Game right now might be super confusing, maybe that`s their thinking?

We`d be lucky to even see that shooting star.

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