Looks like Google and it`s base is rearing their

October 11, 2022, 9:54 am
Looks like Google and it`s base is rearing their
Looks like Google and its base is rearing their heads up again wanting Apple to fix Androids texting problem that Google failed to do years ago. There is zero incentive for Apple to adopt RCS and I think Tim Cook made it crystal clear that it wont be happening. iOS Apple

Yeah, they don`t have to but fact is the problem is now on their end. If one company refuses to update to a more modern messaging standard, then it`s that company`s fault when cross-platform messaging is broken.

Yes, I criticized them for that already. I`m saying they`re fixing it now and Apple is refusing to adopt the fix because they want the experience to be worse to lock their users in.

thats a good statement ! With or without Apple must they pave their own way. I think Apple made that clear. Atleast thats what I have been reading

They certainly seem that way whenever they have to do any kind of cross-platform messaging. I certainly hated that when I was on an iPhone.

They clearly aren`t when cross-platform communication is broken because one company wants to keep it that way to lock their users in.

If the person you are texting is on Android, an Android phone is a better experience as RCS is better than SMS. In many parts of the world Android dominates so you switching to an Android phone will over all give you a better texting experience.

Yes, Google is partly at fault for constantly going "Squirrel!" with their messaging services. But you have to be blind to not see all the Apple users whining about green bubbles (see or recognize that the ball is in Apple`s court now.

Of course Apple have zero interest in adopting some form of universal standard. Theyve gotta keep people locked in somehow. Yes Google might be pushing for RCS but its an open standard as far as I understand it. And its Apple having issues receiving text messages not Android.

We made a big deal out of it because you guys won`t stop whining about green bubbles. The Android side already developed it. We`re aware it wouldn`t benefit Apple. We`re saying it would benefit their customers. You guys are in an abusive relationship and don`t recognize it.

wow you can download apps on iPhone? damn they come a long way

Time Cook - buy your mom an iPhone

When I heard that Tim said that I was like I love that guy. Lol

Look if android users want iMessage on there phones but will never get it. Tim Cook said it best buy an iPhone

Idk tbh. Young people tend to have iPhones anyway so I dont really use anything but iMessage on a daily basis

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