love how it`s apparently okay for iOS apps to

September 21, 2022, 1:00 am
love how it`s apparently okay for iOS apps to
love how its apparently okay for iOS apps to send you ads in push notifications now

iOS relies heavily on app store policy instead of technical enforcement, and this is the result. Before iOS 12, apps always had to request consent to send notifications. Store policy is applied very inconsistently with special cases made for large companies / apps, etc.

There was another app that I discovered recently that did this even though I had advertising opted out. Its super annoying, but a lot of that comes down to the app creators although they do need better monitoring on this.

So thats not entirely on Apple. Theres been a couple apps that have been doing this and essentially what they do. Is they re-classify the type of notification, so it bypasses the rule on advertising.

Party foul by - you might ask them to kindly not abuse push notifications on State owned iOS devices.

It`s worth it for the Casey`s pizza though

ugh. was this allowed earlier or did something change?

i have an app like that, i just turn all notifications off until im ordering again

I thought that Apple`s rules only allowed advertising notifications after explicit opt-in (which I absolutely didn`t do), but the "Report a problem" link in the app store just 404s, so I guess nobody cares about enforcing it

I don`t understand why Apple has wrong defaults here. Apps should not be able to use notifications without an opt-in permission, and they shouldn`t even be able to prompt for the permissions without paying Apple to review for appropriateness (& risk revocation if abused).

there`s no opt-out that I can find, and blocking notifications renders the whole app pointless (I installed it so that I could get a notification when my pizza was ready to pick up). the future sucks, man.

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